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Uniform Trial for Integrated Control in FHB: Kentucky

Walker-Simmons, M. Kay
University of Kentucky
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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Evaluate the benefits of combining host resistance (one susceptible and two resistant varieties) and fungicides (non-treated vs. Prosaro-treated) for FHB/DON management; and generate data aimed at increasing grower adoption of integrated management strategies.
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Approach: The strategy is to decrease the overall risk of FHB epidemics in the U.S. through enhanced grower adoption of integrated FHB/DON management programs. Disease and weather data will be given to the coordinator of the FHB Prediction Tool with the aim of increasing the realiabilty and accuracy of the tool. Once refined, this FHB Prediction Tool will be used by advanced wheat producers to determine if and when it is appropriate to apply fungicide. Knowing when to deploy a pesticide, or not, is part and parcel of any integrated pest control program.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication
Pesticide Residues
Chemical Contaminants