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Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure for the Preservation of Foods

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  1. To determine the effects of high pressure on the growth characteristics of psychrotrophs.
  2. To determine changes in the microbiological quality and safety of foods after pressure treatment.
  3. To investigate the survival of L. monocytogenes in cheese made form pressure-treated milk.
  4. High pressure inactivation of viruses in shellfish.
More information
  1. Changes in growth characteristics in psychrotrophs were noticed after pressure treatment.. e.g. lag phase was extended in Listeria.
  2. The quality of pressure treated carrot juice was monitored during storage at ideal and abuse refrigeration temperatures..
  3. Pressure treatment significantly reduced numbers of L. monocytogenes inoculated into milk and the pathogen was not recovered in soft cheese made from the milk.
  4. High pressure was effective at reducing levels of Bovine Enterovirus and Feline Calicivirus in mussels and oysters.
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