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Whole Genome Sequencing

Boxrud, Dave
Tennessee State Department of Health
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Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) has created the firstintegrated network of state and federal laboratories (Genome Trackr) to use whole genomesequencing to track foodborne pathogens to improve outbreak response and effectivemonitoring of preventative controls. The Genome Trackr network has created a publicallyavailable, global database containing the genetic makeup of thousands of foodborne diseasecausing organisms. This project is intended to develop a stronger international rapidsurveillance system for pathogen traceback by further enhancing the Genome Trackr networkand the growing database. The accurate and timely subtyping and subsequent clustering ofisolates of a bacterium associated with a foodborne outbreak event is essential for successfulinvestigation and eventual trackback to a specific food or environmental source. The genomicinformation provided by the Genome Trackr network points investigators to specific foodproducts potentially related to an outbreak, and provides insight into the origin of thecontaminated food. This project will promote public health and state agricultural laboratoriessequence pathogenic foodborne bacterium to be added to the on-line database. The locallaboratories will be required to sequence a minimum of 400 food, environmental or animalisolates to be added to the database to identify future outbreaks. The local laboratories will alsobe required to participate in Genome Trackr in a standard process requiring consistency of thesequencing and analysis while also participating in meetings, conferences and proficiency teststo ensure standardization between laboratories.
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Food and Drug Administration
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