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Enhancing the safety of high pressure processed juices
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
HPP treated juices are required by the FDA Juice HACCP regulations to demonstrate the reduction of 5 log CFU/ml of the pertinent organism in the juice and even though HPP treated juices are currently available at retail, there is currently no consensus amongst industry, academia and government on a "standardized"…
Targeting Pathogen Altruism to Prevent Bacterial Infections in Animals
Antibiotics fail because the selective pressure to produce resistance in pathogenic bacteria is immense: there can be no more stringent selection than death. A solution to the problem of antimicrobial resistance is thus to target the altruistic behaviors of bacterial pathogens rather than their survival.…
Mediterranean fruit fly as a food ingredient and protein powder for human consumption, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional sources of nutrition
UK, safefood
EU, European Commission
"Flying SpArk is a food technology company which focuses on finding new ways of incorporating insect protein into food products for human consumption to support access to alternative protein sources as well as to increase food supply. Insects, even though less popular in the Western world, have been…
Hygienic design: retrospective modification of existing plant
UK, Campden BRI
Building and equipment modifications can be very invasive. They sometimes need to be carried out whilst other parts of the building are continuing to operate. Modifications can increase food safety risks and, if not properly managed or understood, will remain untackled until product failure. With continuous…