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PouLLS: environmental indicator and animal welfare monitoring sensory system
The aim of PouLLS is to create an all–in–one environmental indicator and animal welfare monitoring sensory system, with wireless data transmitting, analytics, User Interface (UI), early warnings and recommended actions for intensive poultry production units (IPPUs). Implementation will augment existing…
Rapid in-field Nanopore-based identification of plant and animal pathogens
Airborne crop pathogens pose a serious threat to food security and are responsible for devastating loss of yield and over-reliance on pesticides. Early detection enables farmers to take prophylactic action, drastically reducing damage and cost. Current detection regimes often rely on expert identification…
Food safety and traceability using protein profiling
UK, Campden BRI
Mass spectrometry is widely used in pharmaceutical and food applications, the latter including complex matrices. Proteins and their peptide derivatives are responsible for food allergy, food functionality, nutritional properties (e.g. satiety), and food structure and also can be used for ‘fingerprinting’…
Cyclospora: Potential Reservoirs and Occurrence in Irrigation Waters
Cyclospora has recently been implicated in outbreaks associated with U.S. produce imported from Mexico. Outbreaks have also been linked to drinking water. Information on the sources and occurrence of this organism are very limited. Currently, only humans and possibly primates are believed to be infected…