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Biology, Epidemiology, and Detection of Emerging Plant Pathogenic Oomycetes
Objective 1: Develop immuno-diagnostic assays for detection of Phytophthora ramorum and other emerging Phytophthora species in host plants as well as nursery irrigation and aquatic environmental samples. [NP303, C1, PS1] Subobjective 1A: Develop a molecular detection assay for Phytophthora ramorum based…
Integrated Management of Soybean Pathogens and Pests
Objective 1. Relate the spatial and temporal dynamics of soybean pathogens, pests, and associated microbial communities to soybean productivity. Subobjective 1.A. Determine if novel virulent or resistance-breaking soybean pathogens/pests have emerged within the U.S. and other parts of the world. Subobjective…
Functional Phenotyping of Diverse Small Multidrug Resistance Transporters
The goal of this project is a broad functional screen of small multidrug resistance (SMR) transporters selected from human and animal pathogens. SMR transporters are the smallest known active transporters. They are found in human and livestock pathogens and are shared between food-borne pathogens on…
2017 Environmental Nanotechnology GRC/GRS
The goals of the Gordon Conference on Environmental Nanotechnology are to draw attention to the need to proactively manage the emergence and implementation of nanotechnology into society so as to avert such problems that arose with earlier research such as those involving DDT, leaded gasoline, PCBs,…