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Research Publications (Food Safety)

The Food Safety Publications tracks research that is published across national and international peer-reviewed journals. Recent articles are available ahead of print and searchable by Journal, Article Title, and Category. The research publications are tracked across six categories: Bacterial Pathogens, Chemical Contaminants, Natural Toxins, Parasites, Produce Safety, and Viruses. Articles produced by USDA Grant Funding Agencies and FDA Grant Funding Agencies are also tracked.

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  1. Chlorpyrifos induces redox imbalance‐dependent inflammation in common carp lymphocyte through dysfunction of T‐cell receptor γ

    • Wed, 02/12/2020 - 03:26
    • Journal of Fish Diseases
    • Chlorpyrifos is a poisonous pesticide that is highly toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. However, there are fewer reports about how chlorpyrifos influences the redox balance of immune cells. Herein, the head kidney tissue treated with chlorpyrifos to do transcriptome analysis and TCR γ was screened out. Subsequently, we established TCR γ knockdown and overexpression carp head kidney lymphocyte models, respectively, by using RNA interference and pcDNA3.1.

      • Chemical contaminants
      • Pesticide residues