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Conservation Tillage Practices and Erosion Control

Learn how to keep what you've got! Find information about methods for reducing the loss of soil or water when land is cultivated or grazed.

USDA. Economic Research Service.

"Reducing tillage and increasing soil cover can enhance soil health. Conservation tillage,particularly no-till or strip-till, used in conjunction with soil cover practices...can lead to a range of soil health benefits: improved agricultural productivity, greater drought resilience, and better environmental outcomes. This report uses field-level data to estimate tillage practice adoption..."

Organic Farming Research Foundation.

This educational guide for farmers and ranchers discusses challenges, describes guidelines, and presents case studies on conservation tillage in organic systems. Includes print and online resources, references "An analysis of USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) and Organic Transitions (ORG) Funded Research from 2002-2016."

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

An overview of the conservation tillage subject including a description, related bibliographies, automated database and Web site searches, search tips, recommended databases and journals, Extension and educational materials and related organizations.

Conservation Technology Information Center.

A national nonprofit organization that provides publications, videos, fact sheets, kits, booklets, brochures, manuals and data sheets on all aspects of conservation including crop residue management, watershed management, nutrient management and pest management.