Mushrooms (Copyright IStock).
Whether on your dinner plate or on display in the woods, mushrooms provide delight. Find information about cultivating and marketing mushrooms.

USDA. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

Guides for cultivating mushrooms, including oyster and shiitake, in various production systems.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Compiled production, processing, marketing and business case study information for both "white," "brown," and specialty mushrooms.

Penn State University. Extension.

Technical assistance, publications, videos and webinars for mushroom growers including information on pest and diseases, production and harvesting, spawn science, and species and varieties.

Cornell University.  Small Farms Program.

Information on the agroforestry practice of mushroom cultivation. including mushroom identification, economics, and policy-related issues. Resources include articles, blog posts, factsheets, guides, and videos.

USDA. National Agroforestry Center.

Forest farming, the cultivation of high-value specialty crops -- including mushrooms -- under the protection of a forest canopy, provides income while tree crops are being grown for wood products.

American Mushroom Institute.

Find growing and marketing practices information, the Institute's Mushroom News journal, an events calendar and many more resources.