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Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Videos

The Southern Regional Aquaculture Center (SRAC) is one of five regional aquaculture centers established by Congress. Projects that are developed and funded by SRAC are based on industry needs and are designed to directly impact commercial aquaculture development in the Southern Region. The videos listed are produced by the SRAC extension project with Texas A&M University serving as the Lead Institution. For information on ordering these DVDs visit the SRAC DVD page and for more information on SRAC visit their homepage.

SRAC Aquaculture Titles
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Alligator Aquaculture in the South [18 min]
Most of the footage for this video was shot in Louisiana. It presents a good picture of the status of alligator production as well as the pros and cons of handling, feeding and processing.

Aquaculture Processing Safety and Quality [16 min]
To preserve the safety and wholesomeness of aquaculture products requires careful processing. Some of the steps and safeguards presently used in processing plants are described.

Avian Depredation of Southern Aquaculture [24 min]
This is an awareness DVD of use to civic clubs, schools, etc. It is not primarily intended to teach producers or hatchery managers how to eliminate avian problems.

Baitfish Culture in the South [31 min]
Methods used to produce baitfish are highlighted. The latest in technology employed by most large producers is indicated. Life history information on golden shiners and fathead minnows is included.

Catfish Farming in the South [23 min]
Portrays the procedures for catfish production in flat lands. At the same time, the general procedures shown are applicable to any similar production complex.

Channel Catfish Spawning and Hatchery Management [17 min]
All fish production is dependent on an assured supply of small fish to stock. The variety of methods in use for production of channel catfish from brood stock care to fingerlings ready to be stocked into production ponds are also illustrated.

Crawfish Aquaculture in the South [37 min]
Details of the crawfish farming methods presently used in Louisiana and Southern Texas are shown. Also presents information from stocking through harvest.

Induced Spawning of Fish [23 min]
To secure the production of many species, spawning must be induced through manipulation of temperatures, light intensity and hormone injections. This video explains some of the procedures, gives guidance in the use of this technology, and explains some of the problems.

Red Drum Aquaculture [35 min]
Produced in Texas. Portrays some natural conditions in the Gulf as well as documenting the basic procedures for production of red drum.

Shrimp Farming [25 min]
The life history of saltwater shrimp is presented with illustrations of how aquaculturists have adapted these for intensive production. Hatchery and growout methods are presented which indicate the most important aspects of the industry.

Southern Hybrid Striped Bass [16 min]
Produced by North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, this DVD covers most of the considerations for producing, harvesting and marketing of striped bass.

Trout Production in the South [20 min]
Primarily covers rainbow trout and also presents some information on brown trout.

Warmwater Finfish: Harvesting, Handling and Transport [30 min]
The present methods of harvesting, handling and transporting of catfish, baitfish, trout and hybrid striped bass are covered. Emphasis is on the catfish industry but segments also depict other species differences. Innovative as well as conventional methods are explained.

Introduction to Water Quality Testing[34 min]
Aims to provide some of the knowledge of water quality which is essential to pond owners and aquaculturists.

Water Quality Dynamics [27 min]
This video discusses some of the interrelationships of various water quality parameters as they affect fish production.

Procedures for Water Quality Management [41 min]
Includes specific testing procedures and how to interpret some of the results obtained.

Video Ordering Information

For information on ordering these DVDs visit the SRAC DVD page and for more information on SRAC visit their homepage.