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Tracing the Evolution of Organic / Sustainable Agriculture (TESATitle)

Tracing the Evolution of Organic/Sustainable Agriculture
A Selected and Annotated Bibliography

Bibliographies and Literature of Agriculture, no. 72
Updated and Expanded, May 2007

Compiled by:
Mary V. Gold and Jane Potter Gates
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

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Primary annotated entries are printed in Bold type; titles appearing under “Other works by this author,” notes or citation text are printed in italics.

1994 Organic Farm Management Handbook  165
60,000 More Every 24 Hours!  71


An ACRES U.S.A. Primer  128
An Address on the Opposite Results of Exhausting and Fertilizing Systems of Agriculture: Read before the South-Carolina Institute, at its Fourth Annual Fair, November 18th, 1852  8
Agri-culture: Reconnecting People, Land and Nature  175
Agricultural Changes  24
Agricultural Ecology: An Analysis of World Food Production Systems  125
Agricultural Ecosystems; Unifying Concepts  142
Agricultural, Geological, and Descriptive Sketches of Lower North Carolina, and the Similar Adjacent Lands  8
Agricultural Land Retention Act: Report Together with Dissenting Views to Accompany H.R. 11122  123
The Agricultural Link: How Environmental Deterioration Could Disrupt Economic Progress  117
Agricultural Research Alternatives  108
Agricultural Resources Consumed in Beef Production  108
An Agricultural Testament  52
Agriculture: A Course of Eight Lectures  36
Agriculture, a New Approach  82
Agriculture and Human Values  200, 213
Agriculture and the Environment  151
Agriculture, Geology, and Society in Antebellum South Carolina: The Private Diary of Edmund Ruffin, 1843  8
Agriculture of Tomorrow  65
Agriculture, the Only Right Approach: Science Says There is a Difference  82
Agriculture Yearbook, 1923.  35
Agroecology: Ecological Processes in Sustainable Agriculture  164
Agroecology in Action: Extending Alternative Agriculture through Social Networks  194
Agroecology: Researching the Ecological Basis for Sustainable Agriculture  164
Agroecology: The Ecology of Sustainable Food Systems  164
Agroecology; the Scientific Basis of Alternative Agriculture  135
Agroecosystem Sustainability: Developing Practical Strategies  164
Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate  193
The Albrecht Papers  34
All Flesh is Grass: The Pleasures and Promises of Pasture Farming  102
Altars of Unhewn Stone: Science and the Earth  129
Alternative Agriculture  162
Alternative Agriculture: An Introduction and Overview: Symposium Proceedings, March 1984, Washington, D.C.  139
Alternative Agriculture: Federal Incentives and Farmers’ Opinions: Report to Congressional Requesters  168
Alternative Methods of Agriculture  109
American Agriculture in a Hungry World  117
The American Poultry Yard; Comprising the Origin, History, and Description of the Different Breeds of Domestic Poultry  12
Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh  187
Animal Ecology  37
Animal Ecology: Aims and Methods  37
Animal Ecology and Evolution  37
Animals and Other People  67
Annotated Bibliography of Biological Agriculture: A Publication of the Small Farm Research Association  197
Arator: Being a Series of Agricultural Essays, Practical and Political, in Sixty-one Numbers, by a Citizen of Virginia  7
Artificial Manure Production on the Farm  34
Assessing the Health of Agroecosystems: A Socieoeconomic Perspective  171
The Australian Keyline Plan  85
Autobiography of a Farm Boy  20

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The Basic Book of Organic Gardening  103
Basic Formula to Create Community Supported Agriculture  160
Basic Techniques in Ecological Farming: Papers Presented at the 2nd International Conference held by the IFOAM, Montreal, October 1-5, 1978  134
Becoming Native to this Place  129
The “Bedrock Lands” of Sacramento County  23
Better Grassland Sward; Ecology, Botany, Management  91
Beyond Oil: The Threat to Food and Fuel in the Coming Decades  150
Beyond the Green Revolution: The Ecology and Politics of Global Agricultural Development  118
Beyond the Limits: Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future  104
A Bibliography for Small and Organic Farmers: 1920-1978  122
Bio-dynamic Farming and Gardening: Soil Fertility Renewal and Preservation  47
Bio-dynamic Sprays  110
Biochemistry and Methodology of Composting  190
Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems  135
Biodynamic Agriculture: An Introduction  110
The Biodynamic Farm: Agriculture in the Service of the Earth and Humanity  110
Biological Agriculture and Horticulture  210
Biological Control by Natural Enemies  95
Biological Control of Insect Pests and Weeds  95
Biological Floriculture and Horticulture  212
Biological Husbandry: A Scientific Approach to Organic Farming  133
Biologische Landwirtschaft  110
Biology of the Living Landscape  43
Bioshelters, Ocean Arks, City Farming: Ecology as the Basis of Design  144
Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture  157
Bodenfruchtbarkeit; eine Studie Biologischen Denkens  99
Booker T. Whatley's Handbook on How to Make $100,000 Farming 25 Acres: With Special Plans for Prospering on 10 to 200 Acres  155
Botany of Desire: A Plant's Eye View of the World  192
Bread from Stones. A New and Rational System of Land Fertilization and Physical Regeneration  19
Breaking New Ground  26
A Brief Compend of American Agriculture  11
Brief History of Sustainable Agriculture  204
Bringing the Food Economy Home: Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness  187
Building and Using our Sun-heated Greenhouse: Grow Vegetables All Year-round  83

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California Certified Organic Farmers 1989 Certification Handbook  153
The Carbon Connection  128
Cattle Ranges of the Southwest: A History of the Exhaustion of the Pasturage and Suggestions for its Restoration  21
The Challenge of Earthworm Research  103
Challenge of Landscape: the Development and Practice of Keyline  85
Chemical Letters  9
Chemical to Sustainable  157
Chicken Little, Tomato Sauce and Agriculture: Who Will Produce Tomorrow’s Food?  119
Citizenship Papers  113
The City Forest: The Keyline Plan for the Human Environment Revolution  85
The Clifton Park System of Farming and Laying Down Land to Grass  24
Climate and Plant Growth in Certain Vegetative Associations  31
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed  188
Coming Home to Eat: The Pleasures and Politics of Local Foods  149
Common-sense Compost Making by the Quick Return Method  51
A Comparison of the Production, Economic Returns, and Energy-intensiveness of Corn Belt Farms that Do and Do Not Use Inorganic Fertilizers and Pesticides  108
Compost for Garden Plot or Thousand-acre Farm: A Practical Guide to Modern Methods  57
Compost Making: Practical Advice on Nature's Method of Restoring Life in the Soil  51
The Compost Manufacturers Manual; the Practice of Large Scale Composting  47
Composting and the Roots of Sustainable Agriculture  196
Composting for Disposal of Organic Refuse  78
Composting for the Tropics; Written from the Experience of our Overseas Members for the Gardeners and Farmers of all Hot Countries  93
Conquest of the Land Through Seven Thousand Centuries  69
La Conservacion de las Tierras Indigenas en los Estados Unidos  64
The Conservation Diaries of Gifford Pinchot  26
Conservation Farming Practices and Flood Control  39
The Conservation of Natural Resources  26
The Conservation of Soil Moisture and Economy in the Use of Irrigation Water  23
Conserving Migratory Pollinators and Nectar Corridors in Western North America  149
Continuing the Good Life  83
The Contrary Farmer  102
The Cornucopia Papers  131, 103
CRC Handbook of Agricultural Energy Potential of Developing Countries  137
CRC Handbook of Alternative Cash Crops  137
CRC Handbook of Pest Management in Agriculture  127
Crop Production and Environment  49
The Cultivation and Varieties of Oats  44
Cyclopedia of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey of Agricultural Conditions, Practices and Ideals in the United States and Canada  32

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De Re Rustica  1
The Decreasing Fertility of Western Soil  74
Deserts on the March  43
Destructive Effects of Winds on Sandy Soils and Light Sandy Loams: With Methods of Protection  29
Developing and Extending Sustainable Agriculture: A New Social Contract  190
Die Fruchtbarkeit der Erde  47
Diet for a Small Planet  101
The Discipline of Peace  56
The Distribution of the Salts in Alkali Soils  23
Domestic Animals. History and Description of the Horse, Mule, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, and Farm Dogs. With Directions for their Management, Breeding, Crossing, Rearing, Feeding, and Preparation for a Profitable Market. Also, their Diseases and Remed  11
Domestic Needs of Farm Women  33
Down to Earth: Fruit and Vegetable Growing  93

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Early American Soil Conservationists  209
Early Roots of the Organic Movement: A Plant Nutrition Perspective  205
The Early Years of the LISA, SARE, and ACE Programs: Reflections of the Founding Director  208
The Earth's Green Carpet  68
The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Agriculture  175
The Earth’s Face and Human Destiny  47
Eat your Heart Out: Food Profiteering in America  105
EcoAgriculture: A Review of its History and Philosophy  210
Ecolabels and the Greening of the Food Market  108
Ecological and General Systems: An Introduction to Systems Ecology  81
Ecological Conscience  75
Ecological Effects of Pesticides on Nontarget Species  127
Ecology and Our Endangered Life-support Systems  81
The Ecology of Invasions by Animals and Plants  37
Economic and Legal Analysis of Strategies for Managing Agricultural Pollution of Ground Water  136
Economic Needs of Farm Women  33
Economics, Ethics, Ecology: Roots of Productive Conservation: Based on Material Presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Soil Conservation Society of America, August 4-August 6, 1980, Dearborn, Michigan  132
The Economics of Agri-environmental Policy  136
The Economics of Organic Farming  121
The Economics of Organic Farming: An International Perspective  165
Educational Needs of Farm Women  33
The Electric Oracle: Computer Models and Social Decisions  104
Elements of Soil Conservation  39
Emerging Issues in Water Management and Policy  136
Empty Breadbasket? The Coming Challenge to America’s Food Supply and What We Can Do About It: A Study of the U.S. Food System  131
Enduring Seeds: Native American Agriculture and Wild Plant Conservation  149
Energy Basis for Man and Nature  81
Energy Unbound: A Fable for America’s Future  115
Enough Food: Achieving Food Security through Regenerative Agriculture  147
Environment, Power, and Society  81
Environmental Accounting: EMERGY and Environmental Decision Making  81
Erosion Control in Japan  69
An Essay on Calcareous Manures  8
Essay on Manures  10, 4
Essays Upon Field-husbandry in New-England, as It is or May be Ordered  3
European Organic Production Statistics, 1993-1996  165
Experiences in Success: Case Studies in Growing Enough Food through Regenerative Agriculture  135
Experiments in Range Improvement in Central Texas  21
Exploratory Genetic Research Undertaken by CIMMYT in Maize, Wheat, Barley and Triticale  100

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Factors of Soil Formation: A System of Quantitative Pedology  41
Fairness and Futurity: Essays on Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice  181
Family Friendly Farming: A Multi-generational Home-based Business Testament  186
The Farm that Won’t Wear Out  28
Farmer's Progress  60
The Farmer-to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act of 1976  112
Farmers of Forty Centuries (or) Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan  29
The Farmer’s Decision: Balancing Economic Agriculture Production with Environmental Quality  189
A Farmer’s Guide to the Bottom Line  128
Farming in Nature's Image: An Ecological Approach to Agriculture  170
The Farming Ladder  60
The Farming Manual  60
Farming on the Edge  179
Farming on the Fringe  152
Farming with Nature  77
The Feeding Web: Issues in Nutritional Ecology  119
Fertility Farming  88
Fertility Gardening  93
The Fertility of the Land: A Summary Sketch of the Relationship of Farm-practice to the Maintaining and Increasing of the Productivity of the Soil  20
Fertility Pastures: Herbal Leys as the Basis of Soil Fertility and Animal Husbandry  88
Fertility without Fertilizers: A Basic Approach to Organic Gardening  93
Fertilizer Application: Soil, Plant, Animal  91
Fertilizer-free Agriculture  70
Few Brass Tacks  67
Field and Laboratory Investigations in Agroecology  164
The Field Book of Manures, or, the American Muck Book  12
A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants: Eastern and Central North America  137
The Fight for Conservation  26
Fighting Like the Flowers: An Autobiography  93
Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry  2
Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act of 1990 (FACTA)  167
Food, Energy, and Society  127
Food, Farming and the Future  79
Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity  101
Food or Famine, the Challenge of Erosion  64
For All Generations: Making World Agriculture More Sustainable  158
For the Health of the Land: Previously Unpublished Essays and Other Writings  75
The Forest Problem  64
Forests and Floods  64
Forgotten Pollinators  149
The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms with Observations on their Habits  18
Four-season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from your Home Garden All Year Long  161
The Fourth National Organic Farmers' Survey: Sustaining Organic Farms in a Changing Organic Marketplace  178
From Columbus to ConAgra: The Globalization of Agriculture and Food  172
From Eco-cities to Living Machines: Principles of Ecological Design  144
From my Experience; the Pleasures and Miseries of Life on a Farm  67
From the Ground Up: Rethinking Industrial Agriculture  187
From Vegetable Waste to Fertile Soil (Quick Return Compost)  51
Fundamentals of Ecology  81
Future Farms 2002: A Supermarket of Ideas: Conference Proceedings, November 15 and 16, 2002  184

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Garden Success without Poison Sprays  63
Gardening with Nature: How to Grow Your own Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers by Natural Methods  84
Gardening without Poisons  96
Gardening without Work; for the Aging, the Busy, and the Indolent  87
Gathering the Desert  149
Geisteswissenschaftliche Grundlagen zum Gedeihen der Landwirtschaft  36
Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: The Myths, Environmental Risks, and Alternatives  135
George Washington Carver in his Own Words  27
Germination of Five Wheat Varieties under Various Soil Conditions: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture  184
Getting Food from Water: A Guide to Background Aquaculture  102
The Gift of Good Land: Further Essays, Cultural and Agricultural  113
Global Citizen  104
Grass Productivity  91
Grass Tetany  91
Grazing Periods and Forage Production on the National Forests  31
Green Manuring and Manures  16
Green Manuring: Principles and Practice  38
Green Payments as Foreshadowed by EQIP  136
The Green Revolution: An Unfinished Agenda  100
Greener Pastures on Your Side of the Fence: Better Farming with Voisin Grazing Management  154
Guide to the Classification and Identification of the Actinomycetes and their Antibiotics  46
Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies  188

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Handbook of Energy Crops  137
Handbook of Energy Utilization in Agriculture  127
Handbook of Legumes of World Economic Importance  137
Handbook of Medicinal Herbs  137
Handbook of Phytochemical Constituents of GRAS Herbs and Other Economic Plants  137
Hard Tomatoes, Hard Times: A Report of the Agribusiness Accountability Project on the Failure of America’s Land Grant College Complex  105
Health and the New Civilization  70
Herdsmanship  88
History, and Present Position of the Rothamsted Investigations  28
The History of Agriculture and the Environment  196, 207
History of Soil Use in the Wu t’ai Shan Area  69
A History of Sustainable Agriculture  202
Hoeing the Row Out: More than Three Decades of History  184
Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making  159
Holistic Management Handbook: Health Land, Healthy Profits  159
Holistic Resource Management  159
Holistic Resource Management Workbook  159
The Holy Earth  32
A Home of Their Own  56
Homesteading: How to Find New Independence on the Land  102
Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet  101
Horizontal Plowing and Hill-side Ditching  14
HortTechnology  205
How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine  107
How to Have a Green Thumb without an Aching Back: A New Method of Mulch Gardening  87
Humus and the Farmer  79
Humus: Origin, Chemical Composition, and Importance in Nature  46
Hungry For Profit: The Agribusiness Threat to Farmers, Food, and the Environment  182
The Husbandry of the Ancients  4

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Impact of EC Regulation 2078 92 on the Development of Organic Farming in the European Union  165
Improving Land Use Policy Analysis in the Southeast: Lessons from Virginia’s Agricultural and Forestal District Act  136
The Indiana Food System: Sustainable or in Jeopardy? A Study of the Food System in Indiana  131
An Inquiry into the Principles and Policy of the Government of the United States  7
Integrated Pest Management: Its Role in the Evolution of Sustainable Agriculture  190
Internal Resources for Sustainable Agriculture  190
International Overview of Regeneration Agriculture  201
Introduction to Permaculture  120
Irrigation and Drainage: Principles and Practice of their Cultural Phases  29
Irrigation: Its Evils, the Remedies, and the Compensations  15


Journal of Sustainable Agriculture  195



The Keyline Plan  85



Laboratory Experiments in Sustainable Agriculture Wheat for Pasture: Mineral Nutrient Uptake  184
Labour in Agriculture: An International Survey  68
Land, Livestock and Human Nutrition in India  49
The Land Now and Tomorrow  44
Land Use, Food, Energy and Recreation  100
Lands Beyond the Forest  43
Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity  143
The Law and the Loaf  56
Lazy-bed Gardening: The Quick and Dirty Guide  107
Legume Bacteria with Reference to Light and Longevity  34
Legumes in Soil Conservation Practices  38
Ley Farming  44
Life and Environment  43
The Limits of the Earth  71
Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind  104
Limits to Growth - The 30 Year Update  104
Linkages Between Farming and Other Economic Activities in Agriculturally-dependent Areas  108
Living from the Land: A Guide to Farm Management  79
The Living Land: Agriculture, Food and Community Regeneration in Rural Europe  175
The Living Soil  58
The Living Soil and the Haughley Experiment  58
The Living Soil; Evidence of the Importance to Human Health of Soil Vitality, with Special Reference to Post-war Planning  58
Living the Good Life: Being a Plain Practical Account of a Twenty Year Project in a Self-subsistent Homestead in Vermont, Together with Remarks on How to Live Sanely and Simply in a Troubled World  83
Look to the Land  53
Low-input/Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Projects for 1988  158
L’Agriculture et la Santé  61

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The Maine Food System: A Time for Change: A Study of the Food System of Maine, by Raymond Wirth  131
Make Friends with Your Land: A Chemist Looks at Organiculture  84
Malabar Farm  67
Man and Nature, or, Physical Geography as Modified by Human Action  15
Mankind and Civilization at Another Crossroad  100
A Manual of Agricultural Botany  22
Manures: A Prize Essay  10
The Maple Sugar Book, Being a Plain, Practical Account of the Art of Sugaring Designed to Promote an Acquaintance with the Ancient as Well as the Modern Practice, Together with Remarks on Pioneering as a Way of Living in the Twentieth Century  83
Meeting the Expectations of the Land: Essays in Sustainable Agriculture and Stewardship  140
Metal Trace Elements in Agriculture  89
The Mineral Composition of Crops with Particular Reference to the Soils in Which They Were Grown: A Review and Compilation  54
Mineral Nutrition and the Balance of Life  89
Mineral Nutrition of Plants and Animals  89
The Mirage of Safety: Food Additives and Federal Policy  96
Modern Humus Farming  79
Mother Earth News  197
A Muck Manual for Farmers  10
The Mulching of Vegetables  90
Multiple Cropping Systems  147, 190
My Life with the Microbes  46

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National Farmers’ Market Directory  112
Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution  115
A Natural Ecology  55
The Natural Foods Primer: Help for the Bewildered Beginner  96
Natural Resource Conservation: Management for a Sustainable Future  191
The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy  148
Nature's Ag School: The Thompson Farm  156
The Networker  204
New American Farm Book  11
The New American Farmer: Profiles of Agricultural Innovation  171
New Directions for Agriculture and Agricultural Research: Neglected Dimensions and Emerging Alternatives  118
The New-England Farmer, or, Georgical Dictionary: Containing a Compendious Account of the Ways and Methods in Which the Important Art of Husbandry, in All its Various Branches, is, or May be Practised, to the Greatest Advantage, in this Country  5
The New Jersey Food System: A Harvest of Doubt for the Garden State: Working Draft, a Study of the Food System of New Jersey  131
The New Organic Grower: A Master's Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener  161
The New Organic Grower’s Four Season Harvest: How-to Harvest Fresh Organic Vegetables from your Home Garden All Year Long  161
New Pattern for a Tired World  67
New Roots for Agriculture  129
The New York State Food System: Growing Closer to Home, a Study of the Food System of New York State, by Patricia Messing  131
The Next Green Revolution: Essential Steps to a Healthy, Sustainable Agriculture  184
Nitrate Production in Soils as Influenced by Cropping and Soil Treatments  34
Nitrogen Fixation and Soil Fertility Exhaustion by Soybeans under Different Levels of Potassium  34
Nitrogen in the Environment: Sources, Problems, and Management  189
Nutrition and Health, being the Cantor Lectures Delivered before the Royal Society of Arts, 1936, together with two earlier essays, by Sir Robert McCarrison, and a postscript by H. M. Sinclair  45
Nutrition and National Health  45
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration; a Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects  50
Nutrition and the Soil, Thoughts on Feeding  76
The Nutrition Debate: Sorting Out Some Answers  119

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals  192
On Becoming Lovers of the Soil  157
On-farm Research Reports  156
Once and Future Farming: Some Meditations on the Historical and Cultural Roots of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States  200
The One Straw Revolution  148
Oral History Interview with Charles A. Francis  147
Oral History Interview with Dick Thompson  156
Oral History Interview with Dr. James A. Duke  137
Oral History Interview with Fred Kirschenmann  157
Oral History Interview with I. Garth Youngberg  130
Oral History Interview with James Patrick Madden  158
Oral History Interview with Mr. Robert Rodale  103
Oral History Interview with Wes Jackson  129
Oral History Interview with William Lockeretz  108
Organic Agriculture: A Global Perspective  191
Organic Agriculture: Economic and Ecological Comparisons with Conventional Methods  121
Organic Chemistry and its Application to Agriculture and Physiology  9
Organic Crop Production Overview  206
Organic Dairy Farming  174
Organic Farming  165
Organic Farming: Current Technology and its Role in a Sustainable Agriculture  141
Organic Farming Systems  157
Organic Farming: The Origin of the Name  212
The Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA)  166
Organic Front  72, 63
Organic Gardening: How to Grow Healthy Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers Using Nature’s Own Methods  63
Organic Husbandry: A Symposium  73
Organic Method on the Farm  63
The Organic Method Primer: A Practical Explanation; the How and Why for the Beginner and the Experienced  211
The Organic Tradition: An Anthology of Writings on Organic Farming 1900-1950  199
The Organic Way to Mulching  103
Organische Chemie in ihrer Anwendung auf Agricultur und Physiologie  9
The Origins of the Organic Movement  198
Our American Land: The Story of its Abuse and its Conservation  39
Our Daily Poison; the Effects of DDT, Fluorides, Hormones and Other Chemicals on Modern Man  84
Our Margin of Life  97
Our Plundered Planet  71
Out of the Earth  67
Outgrowing the Earth: The Food Security Challenge in the Age of Falling Water Tables and Rising Temperatures  117
Outline of a Proposed Organic Act of Congress to Prevent Forest Degeneration and Destruction and to Preserve and Rebuild Forest Resources  64

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Pastured Poultry Manual: The Polyface Model  186
Pastured Poultry Profits  186
Pay Dirt: Farming and Gardening with Composts  63
Pennsylvania Agriculture and Country Life, 1840-1940  25
The Pennsylvania Food System: Crash or Self-reliance? A Study of the Food System of Pennsylvania  131
Permaculture 1: A Perennial Agricultural System for Human Settlements  120
Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual  120
Permaculture Two: Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture  120
Pflanzenkunde für Mittlere und Niedere Landwirthschaftschülen  22
Plant Succession in Relation to Range Management  31
Plants in the Service of Man 10,000 Years of Domestication  80
Pleasant Valley  67
Ploughing in Prejudices  59
Plowman's Folly  59
The Policy and Regulatory Environment for Organic Farming in Europe: Country Reports  165
Potential Cropland Study  114
The Potential of Agroecology to Combat Hunger in the Developing World  135
Pottenger's Cats: A Study in Nutrition  42
The Power Monopoly: Its Make-up and its Menace  26
The Power of Duck: Integrated Rice and Duck Farming  183
Practical Farming for the South  59
Practical Guide to the Use of the Bio-dynamic Preparations  47
Practical Organic Gardening  86
Precis Scientifique et Pratique de Culture Biologique: Methode Lemaire-Boucher  98
Precision Agriculture and Environmental Quality: Challenges for Research and Education  189
The Prevention System for Better Health, with Robert Rodale  63
Principles of Soil Microbiology  46
Problems in Tree Nutrition  62
Proceedings of the 1st International Institute of Biological Husbandry Symposium  133
Proceedings of Workshops on Resource-Efficient Farming Methods for Tanzania, May 16-20, 1983  201
The Production and Care of Farm Manures  20
Productivité de l'Herbe  91
Promise or Threat? Responding to the Challenge of Agricultural Biotechnology  194
Public Values, Private Lands: Origins and Ironies of the Farmland Preservation in Congress  207

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Radical Agriculture  111
Range and Pasture Management  31
Range Improvement by Deferred and Rotation Grazing  31
Range Management: Principles and Practices  31
Range Preservation and its Relation to Erosion Control on Western Grazing Lands  31
Rangeland Health: New Methods to Classify, Inventory, and Monitor Rangelands  173
The Rape of the Earth: A World Survey of Soil Erosion  49
Rational Grazing: The Meeting of Cow and Grass; a Manual of Grass Productivity, with Antoine Lecomte  91
Readings in Goethean Science  36
Recognising Health  56
Reconstruction by Way of the Soil  66
Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self-reliance  175
Regenerating the Food System: A Food and Agricultural Policy for the United States; a Framework for Discussion  131
Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems  203
Report and Recommendations on Organic Farming  130
Report of the U.S. Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1864  16
Report on the Commission on Country Life  30
A Report upon the Grasses and Forage Plants of Central Texas  21
Reproduction and Animal Health  128
Research Agenda for the Transition to a Regenerative Food System  147, 158
Research Towards Integrated Natural Resources Management: Examples of Research Problems, Approaches and Partnerships in Action in the CGIAR  147
Reseeding of Depleted Grazing Lands to Cultivated Forage Plants  31
The River of the Mother of God and Other Essays  75
Rivers for Life: Managing Water for People and Nature  143
The Road Back to Nature: Regaining the Paradise Lost  148
The Rocky Mountain Locust: Its Metamorphoses and Natural Enemies  17
Rodale Guide to Composting  126
Round River; From the Journals of Aldo Leopold  75
Russian Comfrey: A Hundred Tons an Acre of Stock Feed or Compost for Farm, Garden or Smallholding  93
The Ruth Stout No-work Garden Book  87
Récherches Chimiques sur la Végétation  6

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A Safe and Sustainable World: The Promise of Ecological Design  144
Salad Bar Beef  186
A Sand County Almanac and Sketches Here and There  75
Save Three Lives: A Plan for Famine Prevention  103
The Sea Around Us  94
Searching for the “O-word”: Analyzing the USDA Current Research Information System for Pertinence to Organic Farming  178
A Second Look  59
Seeds of Change: Food and Agriculture Policy for Oklahoma’s Future  184
A Sense of Soil: Agricultural Conservation and American Culture  213
Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community Supported Agriculture  160
Silent Spring  94
Sir Albert Howard in India  68
Slow Food: Collected Thoughts on Taste, Tradition, and the Honest Pleasures of Food  185
Slow Food Nation: A Blueprint for Changing the Way We Eat  185
Slow Food Revolution: A New Culture for Eating and Living  185
Slow Food: The Case for Taste  185
Small Farm Development: Understanding and Improving Farming Systems in the Humid Tropics  147
Small Harms Destructive to the Country in its Present Situation  4
Small is Beautiful; Economics as if People Mattered  106
Small Is Profitable: The Hidden Economic Benefits of Making Electrical Resources the Right Size  115
Small-scale Grain Raising  102
So Great a Vision: The Conservation Writings of George Perkins Marsh  15
Social and Labor Needs of Farm Women  33
The Social Impact of the Green Revolution  117
The Socioeconomics of Sustainable Agriculture: An Annotated Bibliography  169
Soft Energy Paths: Toward a Durable Peace  115
Soil  49
Soil and Civilization  80
Soil and Health: A Study of Organic Agriculture  52
Soil and Sense  55
The Soil: Assessment, Analysis and Utilisation in Organic Agriculture  165
Soil Conservation  39
Soil-depleting, Soil-conserving, and Soil-building Crops  38
Soil Depletion in Respect to the Care of Fruit Trees  20
Soil Erosion: A National Menace  39
Soil Erosion: Crisis in America’s Croplands?  136
Soil Fertility  99
Soil Fertility and Animal Health  34
Soil Fertility and Permanent Agriculture  28
Soil Fertility in Sustainable Low Input Farming  110
Soil, Food and Health in a Changing World  56
Soil, Forest, and Water Conservation and Reclamation in China, Israel, Africa, and the United States; an Interview Conducted by Malca Chall  69
Soil, Grass, and Cancer: Health of Animals and Men is Linked to the Mineral Balance of the Soil  91
The Soil: Its Nature, Relations, and Fundamental Principles of Management  29
Soil Microbiology  46
Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants  92
Soil Organic Matter and the Living Plant  46
The Soil Resource: Origin and Behavior  41
Soil Restoration  59
Soils and Men: The Yearbook of Agriculture, 1938  48
Soils: How to Handle and Improve Them  25
Soils, their Formation, Properties, and Relations to Climate and Plant Growth in the Humid and Arid Regions  23
The South Carolina Food System: Does it Have a Future? A Study of the South Carolina Food System  131
State of the States: Organic Systems Research at Land Grant Institutions, 2001-2003  178
State of the World: A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a Sustainable Society  145
The State of Your Food: A Manual for State Food Systems Analysis  131
Stone Mulching in the Garden  63
The Story of Soil  28
The Strawberry in North America: History, Origin, Botany, and Breeding  25
Studies in Deficiency Disease  45
A Study on the Influence of Climate upon the Nitrogen and Organic Matter Content of the Soil  41
Sustainable Agricultural Systems  163, 202
Sustainable Agriculture and Integrated Farming Systems: 1984 Conference Proceedings  146
Sustainable Agriculture: Current State and Future Trajectory  190
Sustainable Agriculture in Temperate Zones  147, 190
Sustainable Agriculture in the Midwest: North Central Regional Conference  147, 190
Sustainable Agriculture Systems  189
Sustainable Capitalism: A Matter of Common Sense  171
Sustainable Food Systems  138
Sustainable Horticulture: Today and Tomorrow  190
Sustainable Production of Fresh-Market Tomatoes and Other Summer Vegetables with Organic Mulches  177
The Sustainable Vegetable Garden: A Backyard Guide to Healthy Soil and Higher Yields  107
Switching to a Sustainable System: Strategies for Converting from Conventional  157
Sylva Americana or a Description of the Forest Trees Indigenous to the United States  12

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Ten Acres Enough; A Practical Experience Showing How a Very Small Farm May be Made to Keep a Very Large Family, with Edmund Morris  20
Ten Essential Reasons to Protect the Birds and the Bees: How an Impending Pollination Crisis Threatens Plants and the Food on Your Table  149
Think about Land  106
The Third Annual True Seed Exchange  124
This Farming Business  79
This Organic Life: Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader  119
Thomas Jefferson, Soil Conservationist  39
Thoughts on Feeding  76
Threshold Generic Design Conference  144
A Time to Act: A Report of the USDA National Commission on Small Farms  180
Toward a More Sustainable Agriculture  190
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture  116
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture - The Living Soil  58
The Trash Farmer: Edward Faulkner and the Origins of Sustainable Agriculture in the United States, 1943-1953  195
A Treatise on Agriculture  4
Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture  40
Trees and Toadstools  62
Tropical Grazing Lands: Communities and Constituent Species  49
The Twenty-ninth Day: Accommodating Human Needs and Numbers to the Earth's Resources  117
Two Acre Eden  102

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Une Veritable Agriculture Biologique  98
Uneasy Money  59
The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture  113
Unwelcome Harvest: Agriculture and Pollution  175
Urban Agriculture: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Cities  176
The Utilization of Our Lands for Crops, Pasture and Forests  35



Vanishing Lands; a World Survey of Soil Erosion.  49
Vetiver Grass: A Thin Green Line Against Erosion  100
The Village as Solar Ecology: Proceedings of the New Alchemy  144
Visions of American Agriculture  108

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Walden; or, Life in the Woods  13
Water and the Cycle of Life  77
Water for Agriculture: Facing the Limits  143
Water for Every Farm  85
Water Resources, Agriculture and the Environment  127
Water: Rethinking Management in an Age of Scarcity  143
The Way of the Land  44
Wealth of the Soil  67
Weeds and What They Tell  47
Weeds: Control without Poisons  128
Weeds: Guardians of the Soil  77
What are People For? Essays  113
What Can We Do, a Food, Land, Hunger Action Guide  101
What is Bio-dynamic Agriculture?  110
What is Biodynamics? A Way to Heal and Revitalize the Earth: Seven Lectures  36
Wheat in the Third World  100
The Wheel of Life: A Study of Very Healthy People  66
Who will Feed China? Wake-up Call for a Small Planet  117
Winning the Oil Endgame: Innovation for Profit, Jobs and Security  115
The Winter-harvest Manual: Farming the Back Side of the Calendar: Commercial Greenhouse Production of Fresh Vegetables in Cold-winter Climates without Supplementary Heat  161
The Work of Sir Robert McCarrison  45
World Food, Pest Losses, and the Environment  127



You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start and Succeed in a Farm Enterprise  186