Value-Added Marketing

Canned tomatoes (Copyright IStock.)
Value-added products may include those that were produced in a way that increases value, for instance, according to organic certification requirements, and those that were physically altered, for instance, strawberries that were made into jam (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center). Find resources to get started adding value to your products.

University of Tennessee. Agricultural Extension Service.

Subtitled "Concepts, Principles and Practices for Planning, Developing, and Marketing New Opportunities," this publication serves as a primer for farmers who are considering new marketing strategies.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC).

"Provides information to help you understand and analyze the food industry in terms of value-added markets and industries." Topics include organics, community supported agriculture, e-markets, farmers' markets and market trends.

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - A National Sustainable Agriculture Assistance Program.

Several publications on value-added operations, food processing, and specialty agricultural products are accessible under this topic.