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National Agricultural Law Center

As the nation’s leading source for agricultural and food law research and information, the National Agricultural Law Center (NALC) serves the nation’s vast agricultural community, including attorneys, farmers, academics, consumers, extension personnel, and policymakers, among others. The Center’s website is a clearinghouse for legal information that spans nearly four dozen agricultural and food law topics both in the United States and around the world.

Additionally, NALC is the lead institution in the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium. The Consortium is a national, multi-institutional collaboration designed to enhance and expand the development and delivery of authoritative, timely, and objective agricultural and food law research and information. Agricultural law and food law includes law related to land-based food, fiber, and energy production systems, as well as seafood and marine-based aquaculture.

The National Agricultural Law Center is the only agricultural law research and information facility that is independent, national in scope, and directly connected to the national agricultural information network.