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7 Questions to Start Your Search

Asking yourself questions is a helpful way to start your search and find the direction(s) that you would like to go in when searching the literature. Here are some questions we thought might be a good place to start

  1. What is the objective of your research project?
  2. What species is your project working with (e.g., rats, dogs, swine, etc.)?
  3. What specific systems or parts of the anatomy are involved (e.g., central nervous system, brain stem, parabrachial nucleus)?
  4. What is the complete spelling and common acronyms for organisms, structures, disease, vaccine, compounds, etc. in your study (e.g., CNS, PBN)?
  5. Have you considered European and other ways of spelling these terms or concepts (e.g., behavior, behavior; estrogen, oestrogen)?
  6. What makes your study unique from previous studies (e.g., testing a new technique, investigating a new compound, further understanding of a biochemical pathway)?
  7. Are you aware of any possible alternatives (reduction, refinement, replacement) to your research?