Environmental Enrichment


This page provides current information on environmental enrichment products and suppliers for people who are looking to acquire enrichment items for animals in captive settings. Mention of commercial enterprises or brand names does not constitute endorsement or imply preference by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Company information is displayed alphabetically.

Search for Scientific Literature on Environmental Enrichment

Basic searches for scientific literature about environmental enrichment.

ILAR Journal.

This article provides a brief history of the 1985 Animal Welfare Act (AWA) amendments and information on implementation of the regulations regarding exercise for dogs and environmental enhancement for nonhuman primates.

NIH. Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare

Links to reports, FAQs and and a webinar about social housing of laboratory animals with a focus on nonhuman primates.

Shape of Enrichment.

The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. offers a variety of services to animal care professionals worldwide. The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. is dedicated to promoting worldwide environmental enrichment efforts for captive animals and encouraging improvements in animal welfare through education and international exchanges of enrichment theory and application.