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Environmental Enrichment For Nonhuman Primates Resource Guide: Additional Primate Centers and Animal Colonies

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Additional Primate Centers and Animal Colonies

Caribbean Primate Research Center.
Contact Information: PO Box 1053, Sabana Seca Puerto Rico 00952 USA
Tel: (787) 784-0322, 795-4035; Fax: (787) 795-6700
Description: Supported by a core grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), and the University of Puerto Rico. Consists of three facilities: (1) the free-ranging island colony of rhesus monkeys on Cayo Santiago which is used primarily for behavioral, demographic, genetics and noninvasive types of biomedical research, (2) the Sabana Seca Field Station, an NIH-owned facility, which houses rhesus monkeys derived from the Cayo Santiago colony in various outdoor configurations for behavioral and biomedical studies, and (3) the CPRC Museum, located at the School of Medicine on the Medical Sciences Campus, which contains the CPRC Skeletal Collection, one of the world's largest collections of complete nonhuman primate skeletons for anatomical, anthropological and biomedical research.

Duke University Lemur Center.
Contact Information: Box 90385, Duke University 3705 Erwin Road Durham North Carolina 27705 USA
Tel: (919) 489-3364; Fax: (919) 490-5394
Description: Research focuses on several major areas: the systematics, behavior, physiology, biomechanics and anatomy of living lemurs; husbandry practices necessary for keeping and breeding prosimians; field research involving the distribution, behavior, ecology, and conservation needs of lemurs in Madagascar; field research on habitat conservation, reintroduction of lemurs into the wild, and effectiveness of conservation education programs; and evolution of primates through the discovery, description, and analysis of living and fossil primates.

Living Links Center.
Contact Information: Emory University, 954 N. Gatewood Rd. Atlanta Georgia 30322 USA
Tel: (404) 727-0915; Fax: (404) 727-3270
Description: The Living Links Center for the Advanced Study of Ape and Human Evolution specializes in comparisons of the social life, ecology, cognition, neurology, and molecular genetics of four extant great apes (bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans) and humans. The Center was established in 1997 at Emory University and is an integrated part of Yerkes Primate Center. The institute conducts all of its work with noninvasive techniques that they would not hesitate to apply to human volunteers. Their goals are 1) to reconstruct human evolution, 2) pinpoint the differences and similarities between humans and apes, and 3) educate the public about apes, and promote their well-being and conservation.

New Iberia Research Center.
Contact Information: P.O. Box 13610, New Iberia Louisiana 70562-3610 USA
Tel: (337) 482-2411;
Description: “The University of Louisiana at Lafayette New Iberia Research Center specializes in the breeding, management, and importation of a diverse range of nonhuman primate species and offers a broad range of diagnostic, laboratory, and human resources for the development and characterization of nonhuman primate models for applied and basic research aimed at promoting human quality of life.”