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Environmental Enrichment For Nonhuman Primates Resource Guide: Books and Conference Proceedings

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Books and Conference Proceedings

AAZK Enrichment Committee (2004). Enrichment Notebook, 3rd Edition, AAZK, Inc.: Topeka, Kansas, USA, ISBN: 192967211X. [CD-Rom]
NAL Call Number: SF408.45.A44 2004
Descriptors: environmental enrichment, zoo animals, bibliography.

Barnett, S.W. (2001). Introduction to Animal Technology, Blackwell Science: Oxford, UK, 112 p. ISBN: 0632055944.
NAL Call Number: SF406.I58 2001
Abstract: This 112-page book details the care and use of animals in scientific research with emphasis on the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act of 1986. The fifteen chapters include selected topics such as animal health, housing environment, routine animal house procedures, feeding and watering, breeding, physical development, experimental procedures, euthanasia, and safety. The text is written in English and indexed by subject with a glossary, tables, illustrations, and photographs, some of which are in color. Users of this book will include technicians beginning careers in animal technology and interested in pursuing certification.
Descriptors: housing conditions, breeding, laboratory animals, experimental procedures, euthanasia, handling and sexing, hygiene in research.

Brent, L. (Editor) (2001). The Care and Management of Captive Chimpanzees, Special Topics in Primatology, American Society of Primatologists: Chicago, Illinois, USA, 306 p. ISBN: 096583011X.
NAL Call Number: QL737.P96 C355 2001
Descriptors: animal behavior, chimps in captivity, reproductive behavior, contraception, environmental enrichment, social housing, forming social groups, legislation and regulation.

Brookfield Zoo (Compiler) (2001). The Apes: Challenges for the 21st Century,May 10, 2000-May 13, 2000, Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL, Chicago Zoological Society: Chicago, Illinois, USA, 376 p. ISBN: 0913934283.
NAL Call Number: QL737.P96 A642 2001
Descriptors: apes, conservation, bonobo, biodiversity, exhibit design, nutrition, husbandry, social groups.

Carbone, L. (2004). What Animals Want: Expertise and Advocacy in Laboratory Animal Welfare Policy, Oxford University Press: New York, New York, USA, 291 p. ISBN: 0195161963 (cl. : alk. paper); 0195161971 (pbk. : alk. paper).
NAL Call Number: HV4915 .C37 2004
Descriptors: animal welfare legislation, United States, regulations, policy, environmental enrichment, animal care, philosophy, pain.

Field, D.A. and Association of British Wild Animal Keepers. (1998). Guidelines for Environmental Enrichment, Association of British Wild Animal Keepers: West Sussex, U.K., ISBN: 0952530740. [Loose leaf]
NAL Call Number: HV4737 .G85 1998
Descriptors: environmental enrichment, zoo animals, guidelines.

Fox, J.G., L.C. Anderson, F.M. Loew and F.W. Quimby (Editors) (2002). Laboratory Animal Medicine, 2nd edition, Academic Press: New York, New York, USA, 1325 p. ISBN: 0122639510.
NAL Call Number: SF996.5 .L33 2002
Descriptors: laboratory animal medicine, legislation and regulation, management, diseases, design of facilities, biohazards, anesthesia and analgesia, animal behavior.

Gluck, J.P., T. DiPasquale and F.B. Orlans (2002). Applied Ethics in Animal Research: Philosophy, Regulation, and Laboratory Applications, Purdue University Press: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 188 p. ISBN: 1557531366 (alk. paper); 1557531374 (pbk. : alk. paper).
NAL Call Number: HV4915 .A66 2002
Descriptors: animal experimentation, moral and ethical aspects, laboratory animals, animal welfare.

Hare, V.J. and K.E. Worley (1998). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Environmental Enrichment,October 12, 1997, October 12-17, 1997, Orlando, Florida, USA, Shape of Enrichment: San Diego, California, USA, 424 p.
NAL Call Number: HV4737.I58 1998
Descriptors: animal welfare congresses, environmental enrichment, Sea World.

Mason, G. and J. Rushen (Editors) (2006). Stereotypic Animal Behaviour: Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare, 2nd edition, Wallingford, UK: CABI, 367 p. ISBN: 9780851990040; 0851990045.
Descriptors: stereotypic behavior, abnormal behavior, rearing environment, treatment modalities, motivation, cause of stereotypies, welfare implications, nonhuman primates, rodents.

Poole, T. (Editor) (1999). The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory Animals. Volume 1. Terrestrial Vertebrates, 7th edition, Blackwell Science: Oxford, UK, 840 p. ISBN: 0632051329.
NAL Call Number: QL55 .U5 1999
Abstract: The new edition of this leading textbook on laboratory animals is the work of 60 contributors, and it incorporates numerous improvements in husbandry, arising from experience gained since the previous edition of 1987. The text deals with mammals (30 chapters), birds (6 chapters) and reptiles (one chapter). Each chapter describes biological features, housing, breeding, feeding and 'common welfare problems' of a given species. Thus there are 31 pages on mice, 18 on rats, 22 on guinea-pigs, and 20 on dogs. Primates are the subject of 9 chapters. Amphibians and fish are dealt with in the accompanying volume 2.
Descriptors: animal husbandry, animal housing, animal welfare, laboratory animals.

Reinhardt, V. (2008). Taking Better Care of Monkeys and Apes, Animal Welfare Institute: Washington, DC, 137 p.
NAL Call Number: SF407.P7.R45 2008
Descriptors: primates as laboratory animals, animal welfare, environmental enrichment.

Reinhardt, V. and A. Reinhardt (2008). Environmental Enrichment for Caged Rhesus Macaques: A Photographic Documentation and Literature Review, 3rd edition, Animal Welfare Institute: Washington, DC, 130 p.
NAL Call Number: HV4737.R45 2001
Descriptors: primates as laboratory animals, rhesus macaques, Macaca mulatta, environmental enrichment techniques, photographs, housing and handling methods, social housing, wood sticks.

Stark, B. (Editor) (1999). Enrichment Notebook, 2nd edition, American Association of Zoo Keepers, Enrichment Committee: Topeka, Kansas, USA, ISBN: 1929672039. [Loose Leaf]
NAL Call Number: SF408.45 .A44 1999
Descriptors: zoo animals, environmental enrichment, handbooks, feeding and feeds.

Tania C. Gilbert (Compiler and Editor) (2003). Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Symposium on Zoo Research, July 7, 2003-July 8, 2003, Marwell Zoological Park, Winchester, UK, Federation of Zoological Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland: London, UK, 342 p. ISBN: ISSN: 1479-7100. [Online]
Descriptors: training and enrichment, stress evaluation, animal welfare, feeding and nutrition, parasitology, visitor effects, captive animal behavior, zoos, UK.

USA, A.A.L.A.S. (2001). 2001 AALAS National Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science 40(4): 54-104. ISSN: 1060-0558.
NAL Call Number: SF405.5.A23
Descriptors: conference proceeding abstracts, laboratory animal science, diseases, diet and nutrition, animal behavior, environmental enrichment, animal welfare, animal disease models, technologies, training of laboratory technicians.

Wolfensohn, S. and P. Honess (2005). Handbook of Primate Husbandry and Welfare, 1st edition, Blackwell Publishing: Ames, Iowa, USA, 168 p. ISBN: 1405111585.
NAL Call Number: SF407.P7 W66 2005
Descriptors: primate characteristics, housing design, environmental enrichment, husbandry and management, nutrition, psychological well-bring, group housing systems, reproduction, transportation, physical well-being, primates as laboratory animals, captive wild animals, animal welfare.

Young, R.J. (2003). Environmental Enrichment for Captive Animals, Universities Federation for Animal Welfare: Wheathampstead, UK, 228 p. ISBN: 0632064072.
Descriptors: animal welfare, zoo animals, animal behavior, enrichment programs, designing enrichment devices, social environment, housing, enrichment resources.