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Environmental Enrichment For Nonhuman Primates Resource Guide: Discussion Groups

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Discussion Groups

Laboratory Animal Refinement and Enrichment Forum (LAREF).
Description: Moderated by Victor Reinhardt of the Animal Welfare Institute, LAREF facilitates the exchange of experiences about ways to improve the conditions under which laboratory animals are housed and handled. The group is intended to serve the international animal care community in its attempt to promote animal welfare and improve scientific methodology by avoiding or eliminating husbandry-related stress situations. The forum is open to animal care personnel, animal technicians, students, attending veterinarians and researchers who have or had first-hand experience in the care of animals kept in laboratories. If you want to join the group please send a message to indicating your name, professional affiliation, professional experience, and professional interest.

Primate Enrichment Forum (PEF).
Description: An email list designed to facilitate communication between professionals working at primate biomedical research facilities on environment enrichment topics, stress, well-being, and husbandry. The list is open to animal caretakers, veterinary, research, and behavioral technicians, veterinarians, colony managers, research scientists, and behaviorists/enrichment coordinators. In order to be added to the list, you must submit an online application.

Primate-News (P-News).
Description: Delivers selected Web-based news clippings and announcements about nonhuman primates via email on a semi-regular basis. Access to some news articles may require registration at the particular publication's Web site. Subscribers cannot post messages to the list. Managed by the Wisconsin National Primate Center.

Description: An e-mail list managed by the Wisconsin Primate Research Center. It is open worldwide to staff at nonhuman primate centers and laboratories and those conducting primate research in academic institutions or zoos. The purpose of this forum is the factual, science-based exchange of ideas and information about nonhuman primates and is intended to serve the international primatological research community. In order to be added to the list, you must submit an online application.