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Environmental Enrichment Suppliers and Products

This page provides current information on environmental enrichment products and suppliers for people who are looking to acquire enrichment items for animals in captive settings. Mention of commercial enterprises or brand names does not constitute endorsement or imply preference by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Company information is displayed alphabetically.

Manufacturer of ALPHA-dri (alpha cellulose) which is a loose animal bedding of precisely defined composition. Also produce Enviro-Dri which is a bedding developed for pen-housed primates, large animals, and canines. Enviro-Dri is also recommended for the nesting of all animals. Finally, manufactures Shepherd Shacks (R), designed as a mouse house that can also be chewed and used as nesting material.
Contact Information: P.O. Box 64, Watertown Tennessee 37184 USA
Tel: 1-800-382-5001; Fax: 615-237-3267

Manufacturer of Tapvei aspen bedding and items for cage enrichment. Environmental enrichment products include nest material and a large variety of objects made of Aspen wood. Cubes, tunnels, stairs, corners, and bricks are a few examples of objects that are suitable for rodents, ferrets, and rabbits.
Contact Information: Tapvei Estonia OÜ, Paekna küla, Kiili vald, 75408 Harjumaa, Estonia,
Tel: +372 677 4952; Fax: +372 677 4952

Wicked Coursing designs and manufactures premium dog lure coursing systems and exotic predator enrichment simulated hunt and chase systems. The company works closely with zoos, rehabilitation, breeding and conservation facilities on species-appropriate equipment, training programs and enclosure design for use with all felids, canids, raptors and cetaceans.  They also work closely with animal sanctuaries, rescues, and shelters.
Contact Information: 
Tel: 619-741-9940;

Manufacturer of custom Animal Enrichment items such as balls, boxes, trays, looky lous, pills, discs, tires, and feeder tubes. Products are available in over 30 colors and in two to four wall thicknesses.
Contact Information: Desert Plastics, 2401A Phoenix Avenue NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107 USA
Tel: 1-866-793-0376 (Toll free) or 505-884-3889; Fax: 505-884-3932