IACUC Protocol Review: Questions
IACUC Protocol Review   Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
  • Our facility does not use USDA-regulated animals and we do not receive any funding from Federal agencies. Are we required to have an IACUC and review animal protocols before a study or other animal activity can begin?
  • Do USDA animal welfare regulations require the full IACUC to approve a protocol that comes before it?
    • No, the regulations allow for designated member review as long as all members of the committee have had the opportunity to review the protocol and request a full committee review if they think it is necessary.
  • If a member of the IACUC requests a full committee review of a protocol, can the chairman of the IACUC deny the request?
    • No, any request for a review by the full committee must be granted.
  • Can a registered research facility require protocol review for studies that do not use USDA-regulated species and are not funded by the Public Health Service?
    • Yes, the USDA animal welfare regulations and the Public Health Service Policy for the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals establish minimum standards for oversight of the animal care and use program. Facilities can choose to set higher standards to ensure that all animals receive the same standard of care and the program is accountable for the use of those animals.
  • If the IACUC approves an animal protocol, is it permissible for a higher authority such as the Institutional Official or a university president to withdraw approval of the protocol?
    • Yes.
  • Can that higher authority overrule an IACUC withholding of approval of an animal protocol?
    • No, only the IACUC can reverse a decision to withhold approval of a protocol.