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Sample Search: Osteomyelitis

Are there alternatives to the painful or distressful procedures being employed in the research on the effects of L-fucose or arachidonic acid in the establishment of acute (trauma-induced) osteomyelitis caused by S. aureus in rats?

Set Terms Items
1 osteomyelit* 23636
2 "L fucose" OR "arachidonic acid" 54910
3 #1 AND #2 5
4 acute NEAR/3 (osteomyelitis OR osteomyelitic) 1554
5 "staph aureus" OR "s aureus" OR "staphylococcal aureus" 39743
6 #4 AND #5 75
7 trauma* OR posttrauma* 348717
8 #7 AND #5 374
9 #8 AND #1 57
10 vitro OR culture OR (isolated NEAR/4 (bone OR tibia)) 2689101
11 #10 AND #1 1673
12 #11 AND #5 196
13 ketamine OR xylazine OR acepromazine OR buprenorphine OR yohimbine 41546
14 #13 AND #1 7
15 #13 AND #2 83
16 imaging OR noninvasive OR "non invasive" OR biomarker* 934240
17 #16 AND #1 2973
18 model* OR mouse OR mice OR rat OR rats OR rabbit* OR pig OR pigs OR rodent* OR rabbit* 8398084
19 #17 AND #18 119

Databases Searched: Agricola, Medline, Biosis, CAB Abstracts

 Example Citations:

Set 3

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Set 6

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Set 9

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Set 12

A comparative 18F-FDG PET/CT imaging of experimental Staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis and Staphylococcus epidermidis foreign-body-associated infection in the rabbit tibia. Lankinen, P.; Lehtimäki, K.; Hakanen, A.J.; Roivainen, A.; Aro, H.T.
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Set 15

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Set 19

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