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Sample Search: Trauma Life Support Training Course

Are there any alternatives to using dogs and pigs in a trauma life support training course?

Set Terms Items
1 title:trauma* OR title:"life support" OR title:(emergenc* near/1 medic*) 118840
2 title:train* OR title:teach* OR title:educat* OR title:instruct* 344252
3 dog OR dogs OR canine* OR pig OR pigs OR swine OR piglet* OR "animal model*" 1833729
4 #1 AND #2 1484
5 #3 AND #4 12
6 alternative* OR model* OR simulat* OR cadav* OR carcas* OR software OR video* OR interact* OR digital* OR virtual OR mannequin* OR manikin* OR computer* 6813985
7 #4 AND #6 372

Databases Searched: Agricola, Medline, Biosis, CAB Abstracts

Example Citations:

Set 5
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Set 7
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