National Research Council.

Meeting the regulatory and animal welfare requirements of research animals in transport can be a complex task. This report recommends best practices for the care of animals in transit including species specific recommendations, thermal requirements, space requirements, and more.

Laboratory Animal Science Association. Transport Working Group.

Supplementary information for people transporting animals within or through the United Kingdom. The guidelines, published in 2005, set standards for minimizing stress, improving welfare, and ensuring that animals arrive in good health.

Animal Welfare in Transport  ( pdf | 61KB )

National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research.

Links, legislation information, and references relating to transporting animals.

United States Animal Health Association.

Provided is a nation listing of state veterinarians and their contact information.

USDA. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Provides information on transporting live animals (pets, livestock, research animals) into, out of, and across the United States.