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General Nutrition and Health Information

Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute

The drug and nutrient interactions table are not meant to be comprehensive but include some of the more common clinically relevant drug-nutrient interactions, especially in the context of micronutrient inadequacy.

HHS, NIH, National Insitute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

In the United States, one "standard" drink (or one alcoholic drink equivalent) contains roughly 14 grams of pure alcohol. Learn what constitutes 14 grams of pure alcohol.

Penn State Extension

The ketogenic or "keto" diet for weight loss is stirring up conversation in the nutrition community. Before deciding if this diet is for you, it is important to explore both sides of the issue.

Purdue University Extension, Nutrition Education Program

Tips to make healthy choices while staying within a budget. Includes recipes using MyPlate weekly planning menus. 

Penn State Extension

This downloadable list of foods and recipes discusses the Mediterranean eating pattern which is followed by the 22 counties surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the healthiest diets world-wide and recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.