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General Nutrition and Health Information

Healthwise of Columbia University.

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about nutrition and physical activity.

Ask the Dietitian.

Provides answers to frequently asked questions on various topics of nutrition.

Government of Canada. Health Canada.

Promotes healthy lifestyles and disease prevention through the dissemination of evidence-based nutrition policy and research.

Dairy Council of California. Healthy Eating Made Easier.

Provides recipe and meal planning suggestions as well as general health information. Includes tools such as a recipe database, meal planner, and shopping lists.

Penn State Extension

Information on nutrition, diet and health, including healthy recipes, exercise, balancing fast food with smart choices, food safety, and getting enough nutrients and vitamins.

British Columbia Ministry of Health.

Consumer-friendly resources from the the B.C. Ministry of Health, including Dial-A-Dietitian and other information designed to promote general health and wellness .

European Food Information Council.

Provides science-based information on food safety & quality and health & nutrition to the media, health and nutrition professionals, and educators, in a way that consumers can understand.