Learn more about the application and implications of nanotechnology on the food industry and food safety policy. Includes fact sheets and papers that describe its scientific and industrial impact.
Books and Materials on Nanotechnology in the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)

National Agricultural Library (United States Department of Agriculture).

Searchable database for resources available to persons interested in information on nanotechnology.

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ARS Publications - Nanotechnology

Agricultural Research Service (United States Department of Agriculture).

Search for publications published and maintained by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), that deal with nanotechnology.

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National Institute of Food and Agriculture (United States Department of Agriculture).

Provides report highlights, funding programs, research news, NIFA partners, contacts from NIFA's nanotechnology research grant programs, and more.

Food and Drug Administration (United States Department of Health and Human Services).

This report provides the Task Force's initial findings and recommendations. It includes: a synopsis of the state of the science for biological interactions of nanoscale materials; analysis and recommendations for science issues; and analysis and recommendations for regulatory policy issues.

International Risk Governance Council.

Discusses the use of nanomaterials in food cosmetics, the need for information, public perception and participation, regulatory background and legal requirements for risk assessment, risk assessment for three sample nanoscaled materials, and voluntary codes for the responsible use of nanoscaled materials.

Environmental Protection Agency (United States).

Describes the nanomaterials being tested, including those used in food coloring and packaging.

National Nanotechnology Initiative (United States).

Provides a multi-agency framework to ensure American leadership in nanotechnology that will be essential to improved human health, economic well being and national security.

European Food Safety Authority.

Introduces nanotechnology's impact on food and describes the nature of its risk assessment and the EFSA's role in its oversight. Includes publications, press releases & news stories, FAQs, events, and public consultations & calls for contribution.

Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations); World Health Organization (United Nations).

Reviews the existing and projected applications of nanotechonology, the human health risks associated with the use of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, and the development of transparent and constructive dialogues among stakeholders in the food and agriculture sectors.