Offers information about foodborne and waterborne pathogens such as Trichinella and Cyclospora. Disease transmission, prevalence, control methods, guidelines, and current research areas are discussed.

Food Safety Research Information Office (National Agricultural Library [United States Department of Agriculture]).

Research publications on parasites from peer-reviewed journals. Some publications may be early view or ahead of print. Citations and abstracts are available to all users while full-text availability depends on institutional access levels.

Books and Materials on Parasites in the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)

National Agricultural Library (United States Department of Agriculture).

Searchable database for resources available to persons interested in information on parasites.

Search AGRICOLA for resources

Center For Disease Control and Prevention (United States Department of Health and Human Services).

Alphabetized list of links to credible health information in relation to various parasitic diseases.

American Medical Association; American Nurses Association-American Nurses Foundation; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (United States Department of Health and Human Services); Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (Food and Drug Administration [United States Department of Health and Human Services]); Food Safety and Inspection Service (United States Department of Agriculture).

Table of diseases and conditions caused by parasites. Information on the etiology, incubation period, signs and symptoms, duration of illness, associated foods, laboratory testing and treatment of parasitic foodborne illnesses.

American Society of Parasitologists.

Information on publications, journals, membership, careers, news and related web links are included. Primarily dedicated to professionals and students interested in studying and teaching Parasitology.

World Federation of Parasitologists.

Connects parasitologists and highlights information regarding parasitological research and other related scientific data for research scientists, various agencies, health control specialists abd students.