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Risk Assessment, Management and Communication

Understand how the practices of risk assessment, management, and communication impact greatly food safety.
Research Projects Database - Risk Assessment, Management, Communication

Food Safety Research Information Office (National Agricultural Library [United States Department of Agriculture]).

Review current research projects from the Food Safety Research Information Office (FSRIO) database dealing with risk assessment, management, and communication as it relates to food safety.

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Books and Materials on Risk Assessment, Management and Communication in the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)

USDA. National Agricultural Library.

Searchable database for resources on risk assessment, management and communication of food safety.

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ARS Publications - Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication

Agricultural Research Service (United States Department of Agriculture).

Search for publications published and maintained by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), part of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), that deal with risk assessment, risk management, and risk communciation.

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European Food Information Council.

Explains the increased need for risk communication as it pertains to food safety. Provides key topics of discussion on the latest science recommendations and perceptions of risk analysis.

International Life Sciences Institute.

Monographs designed to describe the microbial risk assessment process as it pertains to food safety. In addition to explaining the risk assessment process, topics covered include microbiological and chemical hazard characterization and exposure assessment.

Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

The goals identified for include: consolidating risk analysis research data and methodology from public and proprietary sources, assisting coordination of research activities, identifying gaps in needed research, and assisting the development of food safety risk assessment models. Operated by the Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Comprehensive review of food hazard analysis, which consists of four components. These four components, hazard identification, hazard characterization, exposure assessment, and risk characterization, are used to evaluate hazards associated with food and are explained in this comprehensive review.

Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations); World Health Organization (United Nations).

Focuses on three main areas of work: providing risk assessments for specific pathogens to the Codex Alimentarius Commission and Member States, creating guidelines for risk assessment of microbiological hazards in food and water and providing expert advice on risk management.

World Health Organization (United Nations).

Explains microbiological risks in food through the framework of risk analysis. Identifies the relationship of three components known as risk assessment, risk management and risk communication that explain risk analysis.

World Health Organization (United Nations).

Adverse health affects could result from food additives and contaminants. Information links about global environment/food monitoring system, dietary exposure assessments and committees on pesticide residues and food additives can be found also.