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Catalog Search Tips

The National Agricultural Library catalog provides citations to agricultural literature and related life sciences.

Simple Search

To search for articles or books:

  • Type in your keyword(s), like green technology, and select Search.
  • The default Boolean operator is "and."
  • Do not use quotes, truncation (*), or Boolean operators (and, or, not).

For more advanced options, search the NAL Catalog directly.

Search Results

Display order

The retrieved results will be ranked by date.

Refining Results

Select Post Limit to refine results by language, date, material type (article, book, video, etc.), date range, place of publication, or publication status.

Selecting, E-mailing, or Printing Results

From the box at the bottom of the results page you can print, save, or e-mail selected titles or the complete results list.

Check the box next to the titles that interest you and click Retain Selected.

To print or save your selections:

  1. Click Format for Print or Save to get a printable list of your citations.
  2. Use the browser's menu to then print or save.

To e-mail citations, type your e-mail address into the box provided and select E-mail.

If you do not receive your email results within a few minutes, check your spam filter.