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Beef Cattle & Meat Production

Cattle graze on grass at the Tuskahoe Plantation in Goochland County, VA

 USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Economic Research Service

Captures monthly reports on the market outlook of the cattle and beef industry, provides datasets on current trade indicators, retail, wholesale, and farm values for beef, and analyzes the beef industry.


USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Economic Research Service

Contributes factsheets on humane slaughter, bovine diseases, and bovine humane handling.

Kansas State University Libraries

Provides information on breeding, behavior, health, management, and equipment. Includes links to further education and topic pages on mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Assembles learning modules, Nebraska Beef reports, articles on cattle production, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln BeefWatch Newsletter.

 Clemson University Cooperative Extension.

Collects links to extension materials on beef cattle breeding, genetics, reproduction, body condition scoring, pastures and forages, health, management, and handling facilities.

 Ohio State University Extension.

Produces full-text articles, videos, and links on management, nutrition, health, and facilities for beef cattle.