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Water and Agriculture Information on DigiTop

Water and Agriculture Information on DigiTop

The following is a listing and description of bibliographic databases on water and related topics accessible through DigiTop, which is available to USDA staff and on-site library users. Effective use of DigiTop resources in this subject area should include searches on related full-text journals. To facilitate your efforts, see WAIC's Journals page, which contains information on individual journal titles related to water and agriculture.

Database Picks by WAIC Staff

USDA. National Agricultural Library.

Provides comprehensive coverage of worldwide literature of agriculture and related subjects, such as pollution, pesticides, and natural resources. Select items have indexing terms and abstracts.
Updated monthly and contains over 4 million citations from the NAL collection of journals, monographs, and videos. For more information see About the NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA).

AFSA Partnership. ProQuest and FAO.

AFSA is the principal component of the Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (ASFIS), an international cooperative information system for the collection and dissemination of information covering the science, technology and management of marine, brackish water, and freshwater environments. AFSA is produced under auspices of the ASFA Partnership, a network that includes four United Nations sponsoring agencies and more than 60 international and national partners, each tasked with reviewing and indexing the aquatic literature published in their region. It includes content from over 5,000 serial publications, books, reports, conference proceedings, translations and limited distribution literature.
For more information see the ASFA Database Guide.
Access this database through the Natural Science Collection (ProQuest) on DigiTop.


This database includes the renowned Biological Sciences, MEDLINE, and TOXLINE databases and provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications. 
For more information see the Biological Science Collection LibGuide.
Access this database through the Natural Science Collection (ProQuest) on DigiTop.

Listed below are individually searchable subsets of this database. To access the databases, click "Change Databases" once on the Natural Science Collection landing page:

  • Agricultural and Environmental Science (1960-current)
    WAIC-related subject topics included: Agricultural economics; agricultural engineering; biodiversity; biotechnology; climate change and global warming; conservation (soil, water, and wildlife); energy; environmental engineering; environmental law and policy; environmental management and protection; forestry; hydrology; land use; natural resources; agricultural and horticultural pest management; renewable energy; soil sciences; sustainability and sustainable development; water quality; water resources; and wildlife.
    • Agricultural Science Collection (1970-present). The collection contains agricultural science related full-text articles, granular access to figures and tables within articles, and the entire range of bibliographic records from AGRICOLA. AGRICOLA is the definitive bibliographic database to agricultural science literature.
    • Environmental Science Collection (1960-present). The Environmental Sciences Collection provides the most complete collection of resources available to support this multidisciplinary field. The collection combines specialist topic resources from disciplines such as engineering, biotechnology, bacteriology, atmospheric science, ecology and biology and features a diverse range of full-text sources including scientific journals, trade journals, new sources, conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications.
    • Water Resources Abstracts (1967-present). Water Resources Abstracts is now part of the Agricultural and Environmental Science Database. This database provides summaries of the world's technical and scientific literature on water-related topics covering the characteristics, conservation, control, pollution, treatment, use and management of water resources. Abstracts are drawn from journals, books, conference proceedings, and technical reports in the physical and life sciences, as well as from engineering, legal and government publications. (Updated quarterly)

Web of Science.

An expansive index to life sciences and biomedical research covering pre-clinical and experimental research, methods and instrumentation, animal studies, and more. With more than 13,000,000 records from publications in over 90 countries, Biosis Previews is the most comprehensive index of journals, meetings, conferences, and symposia in the life sciences.  BIOSIS Previews and BIOSIS Citation Index

Access this database through the Web of Science link on DigiTop by clicking the "Search In" dropdown menu button and selecting BIOSIS once on the WebOS page.

CAB International, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, U.K.

Covers journals in 50 different languages from over 140 countries, as well as books, theses, and conference proceedings. Advantages in comparison to AGRICOLA: provides abstracts for many documents and cites many non-U.S. publications.
Updated weekly and contains over 4 million records. For more information see this CAB Abstracts Web site.

Access this database through the CAB Abstracts link on DigiTop.

Forest Service. USDA.

Provides access to U.S. Forest Service published or authored materials in addition to other forestry-related materials from the U.S. Forest Service Library catalog. Types of materials include technical reports, research papers, journal articles, regulatory documents, environmental impact statements, proceedings and books.

Newsbank, Inc.

Supplies ready access to local, regional and international news stories, features and op-ed pieces. Delivers stories from all angles from over 5,100 news sources including newspapers, transcripts, newswires, and magazines from over 140 countries from around the world. Provides coverage of current events through special reports, hot topics and news headlines and a collection of national and world maps. News coverage filters include (historical) era, presidential era, or decade. 

Access this database through the News Sources on DigiTop.