Water Conservation

field using microirrigation to mitigate water loss
"When agricultural water is used effectively and safely, production and crop yield are positively affected. A decrease in applied water can cause production and yield to decrease...the key is to implement management strategies that improve water use efficiency without decreasing yield. Some examples include improved irrigation scheduling and crop specific irrigation management. These strategies allow for the conservation of water and energy, and decrease grower’s costs." CA Department of Water Resources.

United Nations. Food and Agriculture Organization.

Reviews water conservation "techniques which have been tested and found useful somewhere in the world, and which might be suitable for use in other conditions." Includes a section on water harvesting.

National Research Council of the National Academies.

Covers the "development of technology for inexpensive recycling of urban wastewater without adverse impacts on public health; improvement of the economic efficiency in using water in agriculture; and the development of new and innovative institutional arrangements for managing water consistent with historical antecedents and traditions of each country."