Water Webinars

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“EPA's Watershed Academy is pleased to sponsor free webcast seminars. Local watershed organizations, municipal leaders, and others are invited to sign up for these free, on-line webcast training sessions. Webcasts are typically conducted on a monthly basis, on Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. Attendees must register in advance to participate in webcasts.” Archived webcasts are available.

Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office and others

"Through this webinar portal you can stay up-to-date with the latest research and industry practices in forestry, conservation, bioenergy, and natural resources."

Southern Regional Extension Forestry.

“This portal serves as a launching point for current and archived forestry, conservation, bioenergy and natural resource webinars.” (There may be registration fees for some webinars.)

National Water Quality Monitoring Council.

“The Council's Collaboration and Outreach Workgroup presents a webinar series that is intended for State, Regional, and Tribal Water Monitoring Councils and Watershed Partnerships to promote exchange.”

College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State Extension.

"The Penn State Cooperative Extension Water Webinar series provides educational programs on a variety of important water resources issues in Pennsylvania." Includes a schedule of upcoming webinars as well as links to archived ones.

USDA Farm Service Agency.

In October 2012, the Farm Service Agency in conjunction with their partners began hosting a series of Webinars introducing important questions about how the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and CRP practices effect environmental benefits and providing the results of studies monitoring and assessing the CRP and CRP practices. These Webinars were recorded and are available.

Environmental Protection Agency.

"This series is generally geared towards public officials and practitioners just beginning to implement green infrastructure, as well as those looking to enhance established programs. Leading academics and professionals from around the country will cover a range of topics and applications, from best practices in operations and maintenance to the intersection of green infrastructure and climate change."

U. S. Geological Survey.

Archived presentations from a public lecture series in Menlo Park, California by the U.S. Geological Survey on recent developments in the disciplines of biology, geography, geology, and water resources.