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Borrow Materials

How to Request Items
If you are a: Request NAL items by:
member of the general public contacting your local library
library, association or organization representative

Option 1: submitting an interlibrary loan request through:

  • OCLC (NAL's symbol: AGL) or
  • DOCLINE (NAL's library ID: MDUNAL)

Option 2: registering for a patron ID and then using that patron ID to request items

USDA employee

registering for a patron ID and then using that patron ID to request items:

Selected DigiTop Databases

Fees for Requesting Items
If you are a: Fees:
member of the general public determined by your local library

library, association, organization or federal agency representative Exempted Groups The following groups do not have to pay to request items:

  • U.S. federal agencies (other than USDA)
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Land Grant Tribal Colleges
  • Chesapeake Information and Research Library Alliance members (CIRLA)
  • Agricultural Libraries Network (AGLINET) member libraries, when the materials requested have been published in the United States.

NOTE: AGLINET member libraries will be charged the standard fee for libraries, associations and organizations when they request materials published outside the United States. Press the "esc" key to close this box.

  • if invoiced: $25
  • if paid through OCLC’s Interlibrary Loan Fee Management Service (IFM): $18
  • if a member of an exempted group: $0
USDA employee $25

When Items Will Be Delivered

  • Standard requests--two business days from receipt of request
  • Rush requests--not available

How Items Will Be Delivered

  • Articles and other copied materials will be delivered by email.
  • Loans of original materials will be delivered by standard postal mail.