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Key Personnel and Services

For general inquiries please call 301-504-5755 or 1-800-633-7701. TDD Machine: 301-504-6856

Names and contact information of our key personnel
Name Email Phone Number
Wester, Paul 301-504-5248
Deputy Director
Hanscom, Scott 301-504-6999
Administrative Office
Jackson, Sandy 301-504-5574
Chief Collection Development Librarian
Esman, Mike 301-504-7565
Associate Director for Data Production Division (DPD)
Moore, Beata 301-504-9808
Associate Director for Information Products Division (IPD)
James, Jill 301-504-6207
Associate Director for Information Systems Division (ISD)
Pieper, Ursula 301-504-9320
Associate Director for Knowledge Services Division (KSD)
McCarthy, Susan 301-504-5510
Chief, Acquisitions & Metadata Branch (DPD)
Bradsher, Charles 301-504-5040
Chief, Scientific Data Management Branch (KSD)
Arbuckle, Peter 301-504-5047
Chief, Information & Customer Services Branch (IPD)
Shaw, Wendy 301-504-6369
Acting Chief, Digitization & Access Branch (DPD)
Moore, Beata 301-504-9808
Chief, Digital Library Branch (IPD)
Adams, Kristina 301-504-5486
Chief, Indexing and Informatics Branch (DPD)
Woodward-Greene, Jennifer 301-504-6853
Chief, Scientific Data Engineering Branch (KSD)
Chan, Ming 301-504-6566
Chief, Applications Branch (ISD)
Romero, Ricardo S. 301-504-5066
Chief, Systems Technology Branch (ISD)
Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP)
Esman, Mike 301-504-7565
Document Delivery
Derr, Kay 301-504-5879
Harmon, Kelly 301-504-5788
Suri, Sujata 301-504-5058
Facilities Manager
Green, Romando 301-504-5571
Facility Engineer
Robinson, Chaprie 301-504-7941