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Plants and Crops

United States Department of Agriculture.

Offers a portal to USDA information on plant diseases, pest management, weed management, and plant health research.

USDA. Agricultural Research Service.

Provides information regarding crops and landscapes protected from plant diseases using scientifically based, environmentally sound, and cost-effective methods.

USDA. NAL. National Invasive Species Information Center.

Presents a gateway to information on invasive plants, animals, and microbes. Arranges information on impacts of invasive species and government responses. Links to agencies and organizations dealing with these issues.

North Carolina State University. Center for Turfgrass Environmental Research & Education.

Provides turfgrass information to a diverse audience: homeowners, students, extension personnel, and professional turfgrass managers.

The Pennsylvania State University.

Provides online reference materials to resources related to turfgrass.

Environmental Protection Agency.

Outlines costs and benefits of green roofs, and gives references and links to more information.

Michigan State University.

Describes extensive work on green roofs. Includes list of research articles and list of useful links.

USDA. Forest Service.

Describes the U.S. Forest Service's forest management objectives including ecological restoration and protection, research and product development, fire hazard reduction, and the maintenance of healthy forests.