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To meet the goal of enhancing the diversity of the workforce in food, agricultural sciences and related fields, Lincoln University of Missouri will establish a robust program that provides scholarships to underrepresented undergraduates enrolled in the College of Agriculture, Environmental and Human Sciences (CAEHS). This program will engage, retain, mentor and expose students in classroom curriculum and experiential learning opportunities in agricultural related areas on campus and with industry, culminating in baccalaureate degrees. Further, this program will increase the number of graduates for entry-level positions in food and agricultural sciences and related fields.The objectives of the program is two-fold: (1) to target and enroll underrepresented students with an interest in food and agricultural sciences and a focus on future careers in this field, and (2) to prepare students to have meaningful undergraduate experiences while improving the technical competencies gaining the academic and hands-on skill competencies needed for the 21st century agricultural workforce.Once enrolled, students will navigate a 4-year Academic and Career Pathway that details milestones for college completion leading to graduation and gainful employment in the field of agriculture. Additional milestones include mentoring and fostering academic excellence in a variety of agricultural related disciplines, exposure to 21st century cutting-edge career options and the opportunity to make intentional employer contacts. Participants in the program will form a living learning community with intense interface with academic faculty, researchers and employers in the agricultural industry.

Dweik, Majed
Lincoln University
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