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1890 Facilities


<OL> <LI>To expand the laboratory, office and seminar space of the Extension Pavilion by the addition of an Annex. <LI> To procure equipment for the Pavilion Annex. <LI> Renovate the M.T. Carter Agricultural Research Building. <LI> Procure equipment for Agricultural Research especially Food Safety. <LI> Provide additional construction cost for the Agriculture Mechanics Laboratory. <LI> Provide additional construction cost for the Human Ecology, Hotel-Restaurant Management Majors Laboratory. <LI> Procure equipment for the Human Ecology Laboratory. <LI> Procure equipment for the Agriculture Mechanics Laboratory.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Facilities Grants Funds from USDA have assisted the University in achieving many of its facility and equipment needs. Facilities constructed and renovated with initial Facility Grant Funds are now in need of repair and/or updating because of new or emerging programming efforts. There are no other funds available to the school to achieve these needed facility and/or equipment needs. <P>

APPROACH: Improve facilities condions through the design, renovation and/or construction of buildings on the campus of Virginia State University. Also, the procurement of equipment to enhance the operational and educational expeiences and knowledge of end users.

Booker, Richard
Virginia State University
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