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The 1890 Land Grant System: Addressing Universal Issues Through Science and Engagement


Purpose: The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for interactions and subsequent partnership commitments among the 1890 Land Grant System in four areas of national priority: obesity and wellness; youth development; renewable energy and biobased projects; and food safety. <P> Objectives: <LI>To facilitate communication and interaction among 1890 scientist, faculty, extension specialists, program leaders, educators and students in order to initiate and/or to strengthen programming partnerships. <LI>To enhance integrative approaches to planning, implementing and delivering relevant research and Extension initiatives responsive to the 1890 legislative mandate and consequently, to bolster funding opportunities that will result in broader and stronger impacts.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: For a number of years, the Association of Extension Administrators (AEA) and the Association of Research Directors (ARD) recognized a need to increase the collaboration and partnership among 1890 research scientists and 1890 extension specialists to better serve various constituents. In 2005, AEA and ARD sponsored a joint conference to bring research and Extension professionals together to strengthen the partnership between the two groups. However, the other entities of the 1890 family were not included. A similar conference is being planned; however, it will expand upon the previous conference by including participants from all segments of the 1890 land grant family, including Extension, research, teaching, international programs and the librarians. The conference will be hosted by AEA and ARD, in cooperation with the 1890 land-grant universities. Both AEA and ARD are aware of the importance of a strong partnership among all components of the 1890 land-grant system for future viability. Moreover, each organization is of the opinion that the 1890 clients are better served when professionals in Research, Extension, and teaching understand the interrelatedness between the land-grant functions. Therefore, the leadership of AEA and ARD agreed to sponsor a conference for the 1890 Land Grant System. The planning committee includes representation from all segments of the 1890 system. Further, with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service (CSREES) placing more emphasis on competitive grants programs that address the integration of research, extension, and teaching, it was felt that the 1890 universities need to develop a better understanding of the importance of working more closely together. Outcomes/impact and anticipated benefits: A stronger partnership between the various units would enable the 1890 institutions to become more competitive when responding to requests from USDA/CSREES to submit applications for funding from the integrated competitive grant program in the areas of obesity and wellness, youth development, renewable energy and food safety.

<P>APPROACH: Implementation Plan: The Executive Committees of AEA and ARD will provide leadership for planning and implementing the conference, in cooperation with representatives from the other 1890 associations and organizations and CSREES. The planning committee has established as a goal to attract at least 500 participants to the conference. Each 1890 institution will be required to bring an exhibit that depicts the integration of research, extension and teaching. The conference will provide an opportunity for Extension, research, and teaching faculty to present papers in the four areas of national priority: obesity and wellness, youth development, renewable energy, and food safety. The papers will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Additionally, there will also be a posters session.

Thompson, Alton
North Carolina A&T State University
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