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2016 Seafood Haccp Alliance Steering Committee Meeting


PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACTThe Seafood HACCP Alliance was formed to foster a more uniform and current nationaleducation, training and technical assistance program for the seafood industry and the federal,state and local food inspectors. The Alliance approach is to develop basic education manuals andconduct a series of 'train-the-trainer' courses to help prepare a cadre of instructors across thenation. Likewise, through continuing project funds from FDA and the National Sea Grant CollegeProgram, the Alliance offers a number of training sessions for the regional industries andinspectors as well. In addition to Basic HACCP and the Alliance Train the Trainer programs,training programs for sanitation are delivered both domestically and internationally. The Allianceis also currently active in developing training programs for food transportation and food safetyissues associated with aquaculturally produced seafood products. Annual meetings of theSeafood HACCP Alliance Steering Committee and Alliance Executive Committee bring togetherseafood experts from federal and state governments, industry, trade associations, and academiato address Alliance sustainability, relevance, and effectiveness in achieving its educational andtraining functions.

Corby, Jacob Joseph
Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
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