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2nd Environmental Toxoplasmosis workshop - Environmental transmission of Toxoplasma gondii from land to sea: implications for foodborne toxoplasmosis


The long-term goals of the 2nd Environmental Toxoplasmosis workshop are to form new, global research synergies and to identify key research needs and new approaches to understand and mitigate the environmental transmission of Toxoplasma, with a focus on parasite transmission through food and water.Our goal will be achieved through three specific objectives:Objective 1. Provide a forum for sharing and discussing novel insight on food- and waterborne Toxoplasma transmission.Objective 2. Review current knowledge and address future directions for improving the detection, genomic characterization, and reduction of Toxoplasma in food and water.Objective 3. Foster an interdisciplinary, collaborative global network among senior investigators, early career professionals and trainees to enhance basic and applied research aimed at reducing the burden of food- and waterborne Toxoplasma infections.

Shapiro, Karen
University of California - Davis
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