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96th Annual Casa Educational and Training Seminar


PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACTThe objective of the 96th Annual CASA Educational and Training Seminar is to provide a venuewhere field inspectors, food program managers, industry leaders and academia from across theregion can interact and share ideas while receiving information on current and emerging foodtopics impacting health and safety. The agenda includes presentations that will give local andstate regulators an opportunity to hear a national and international perspective on food safetyand will include emerging hot topics such as seafood fraud, the cottage food industry andemerging strains of E. coli. The attached conference agenda shows all presentation topics.To our knowledge, this is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective educationalopportunities that address the range of current food issues facing state and local regulatoryprograms. CASA maintains the cost of the conference as low as possible in an effort to allowaccess to the conference to the widest range of participants. The low cost of the conferenceenables food safety professionals from all levels of the regulatory community and industry toparticipate.The training seminar will be held at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South in Pittsburgh,Pennslyvania from May 8, 2012 to May 11, 2012. The number of participants is anticipated to be200. The conference draws both U. S. and Canadian representatives of state, county,municipal, and federal regulatory agencies charged with public health and safetyresponsibilities, the regulated industries, and university and research institution professionals.The conference will contribute to a more educated, informed and integrated food regulatorycommunity and this in turn will contribute to a safer food supply.

Sortino, Christopher
Central Atlantic Association of Food and Drug Officials
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