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Acquisition of UHPLC-MS/MS for Advancing Research on Food and Health.


The overall objective of this application is to obtain a new ultra-high performance liquid chromatography - mass spectrometer (UHPLC-MS/MS) to enable research focused on food and health.This specific instrument will enable research that requires highly sensitive, specific, and quantitative analyses of molecules related to critical needs in advancing food production, safety, and health.The specific objectives are as follows: 1) The instrument will be acquired, delivered, and installed at Babcock Hall in the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After this, 2) the instrument will be operational and users will be trained. 3) We will establish user access and management, data sharing/processing methods, and begin to collect user fees. 4) The instrument will be maintained and user fees will be collected to contribute to service costs. 5) In years 2 & 3, we review the financial model for instrument use. 6) Data and publications are anticipated based on instrument use.The results from this newly-enabled research will be disseminated to the food industry and public via a robust outreach network which includes UW Extension, Dairy Innovation Hub, Food Research Institute, UW Frozen Desserts Center, and Center for Dairy Research.

Bolling, Bradley W.
University of Wisconsin - Madison
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