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Adaptive intelligence technology giving complete crop control to farmers


The world is facing one of the biggest challenges to date: how to feed a growing population with its limited resources. As population grows, agricultural land decreases, favoring expansion of urban areas and new infrastructure projects. As such, a solution must be found.
To support farmers in addressing this challenge, Frontier Conect has developed Teraseya. Teraseya is a plug & play intelligent agriculture device, consisting of both hardware (sensors) and software (adaptive algorithms and mobile/desktop platform). Immediately after activation, Teraseya begins collecting sensor data and feeding it through predictive algorithms. Data is correlated with satellite images. Teraseya Prime can send data collected from field sensors at distances of over 14 km, being possible to process data even in areas with low mobile coverage and of GPS technology.
Based on data results, Teraseya provides guidelines, warnings and actions to be taken. Teraseya technology offers many advantages: increases profit for farmers, as it decreases input costs and operational costs:
-Irrigation water wastage is decreased by 50%;
-Fertilizer and pesticide waste is decreased by 40%.
Teraseya technology has been field tested in Romania and Luxembourg, together with partners from the public (LuxInnovation, Banat University of Agriculture) and private sectors (Terracult, AgroKiss). We obtained an accuracy level of 90%. At this level, operational costs of a farm decrease by 50%.
Frontier Conect is part of a series of programs such as the Hubraum program of Deutsche Telecom to increase technological and business knowledge.We are partners in several Nokia and Orange projects with a value of over €23 million.As part of these projects, over 6000 Teraseya units will be installed in the next 3 years in 3 countries in Eastern Europe, with over 2,000 hectares being already assured for field trials.

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