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ADFIMAX - Demonstration of Innovative Filter Aid Technology to Reduce Undesirable Substances (Pesticides and Mycotoxins) in Beverages such as Wine and Beer


<P>ADFIMAX aims to improve liquid food safety, by removing mycotoxins and replacing the current filter aid (Kieselguhr) which is a known human carcinogen. This dual objective ensures that our technology will be suited to multi-industrial application; however, our primary target markets are the wine and beer sectors. Both consume large quantities of Kieselguhr and have an ongoing legal and commercial requirement to minimise toxin residues in their products.</P><P>

At the heart of ADFIMAX is a new filter aid product developed in a precursor F7 project: DEMYBE. The ADFIMAX filter aid is based on an innovative treatment process applied to specific, natural, vegetable fibres. This new treatment enhances the fibres ability to preferentially adsorb toxic contaminants from beverages whilst improving their ability to act as a filter aid. Originally aimed at mycotoxin reduction in beer & wine, the technology has also demonstrated the capacity to remove pesticide residues with an efficiency that surpasses alternative methods.
In the first instance our work aims to demonstrate the capability of the partners to produce & supply the filter aid in quantities able to meet industrial demand. Two SME partners will scale up production to a capacity of 10tonnes per year so producing the first industrial scale quantities of the ADFIMAX filter aid.
In the second phase our work will aim to demonstrate the adequacy of the filter aid technology in real industrial applications. Extensive testing will be performed by three partners whose aim is to fully validate the technology prior to product registration by EU and National bodies.
Market potential currently considered as very significant will be confirmed by a market study and business model analysis. There are no known current products available in the market, and none emerging, which possess the features & filtration performance that ADFIMAX can offer to the market.</P>

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