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Major Goals:1. Continued research and development of advanced thermal and microwave processing technologies for foods and biomaterials in the aseptic processing and packaging areas, as well as their commercial implementation. So farmy programhas resulted in over 50 registered inventions, 17 Issued and 7 curerently pending U.S. Patents and over 30 international patents, 7 licensed start-up businesses, 9 food and biomaterials processing installations and over 200 commercial products ranging from industrial processing devices and systems, sensors and detectors tonew and novel food products inNorth America and Europe.2.Continued collaboration with established producers currently using our processing and validation equipment andadvanced technologies to improve the quality and profitability of their operations, expansion of existing and introduction of new product lines and application areas as well as capacity expansion. Initiate collaborations with new users of previously developed and commercialized technologies and introduction of newly established processing installations and product lines.3. Development and commercialization of novel techniques and technologies for advanced processing and safety validation of food and biomaterial products for human and animal consumption. Particular focus on activities involving (in addition to advanced thermal and microwave technologies) additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing), IOT (Internet of Things) applicaitons, Microwave-assisted continuous extraction of bioactive ingredients, particularly from plant sources, as well as advanced continuous flow cooling technologies.4. Development and commercialization of new products and ingredients utilizing technologies developed by the program.Main Objectives:1. Development and protection ofintelectual property for establishment of new technologies for nutritionally superior and functional food and biomaterial products. Develop and submit 6-10 invention disclosures, and apply for2 to4 US patents over the period of project performance.2. Initiate and establish 2 new production lines in the U.S.via direct involvement with one or more existing or newly established licensed businesses, particularlythrough microwave thermal processing and/or microwave assisted extraction of bioactive materials and ingredients from plant sources and their subsequent use and complexation with other materials and products. 3. Initiate and establish2-5 new processing installations in collaboration with other companies in the US and abroad, primary implementing established technologiesbased on the innovations generatedthrough ourR&D activities.4. Develop and commercialize 20-50novel food and biomaterial products introduced to the US and/or international markets through implementation of technologies developed by the program.5. Educate and train students, collaborating scientists and industry researchers in the implementation, use and operation of developed technologies and processing and validation systems.

Simunovic, Jo, .; Simunovic, Jo, .
North Carolina State University
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