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Advancing Active Managerial Control and Voluntary National Retail Program Standar


The BCPH Food Safety Program is the primary regulatory agency responsible for regulatingover 1,600 retail food establishments within Boulder County. The program's goal is to preventfoodborne illness and engages in program activities to reach that goal. For the last four years,the BCPH Food Safety Program has set specific annual objectives targeting implementation ofactive managerial control (AMC) practices at retail food establishments. As a jurisdiction that isenrolled in the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards andcompleted a self-assessment, we have also set objectives to continue to model our programafter the Voluntary Standards.The BCPH Food Safety Program is seeking $350,000 in funding over the next five years tohire additional staff to further augment our program's abilities to meet key programobjectives, including:1. Continue to implement program changes to model the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards, which promotes uniformity and an integrated national food safety system.2. Continue to improve program efforts to help shape best practices and advance efforts to shape the FDA Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards.3. Continue to implement innovative approaches to reduce the risks of foodborne illness centered on implementing active managerial control practices in retail food establishments.4. Identify best practices that can be shared with other jurisdictions enrolled in the FDA Voluntary Retail Program Standards.By the end of Year Five, BCPH will have successfully implemented Voluntary Standards #3, #4,#5, and #6. BCPH will have conducted an additional 750 assessments of retail foodestablishments in Boulder County to identify the level of active managerial control practices thatare being implemented and added an additional 150 Partners for Food Safety. BCPH will havedeveloped baseline data and correlation data relating to the correlation between implementationof AMC practices and reduction in FBI risk factors. BCPH will present activities and data topeers in Colorado and nationally on program efforts.

Drager, Lane
Boulder County Public Health Department
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