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Aflagoggles For Screening Aflatoxin Contamination In Maize


<li>Survey existing methods for low-cost, rapid, and non-invasive screening of aflatoxin contamination in maize.</li>
<li>Survey current applications using narrow bandwidth filtering.</li>
<li>Identify two potential narrow bandwidth spectral bands for aflatoxin screening.</li>
<li>Develop feasible method to use the identified narrow bandwidth spectral bands and provide initial design of the AflaGoggles.</li>
<li>Prototype construction of the AflaGoggles and the development of screening procedures with the prototype.</li>
<li>Implement initial trials of the AflaGoggles to test their feasibility in a real world situation and also for continuous improvement of the screening procedures.</li></ol></p>

More information

<li>Identify potential spectral bandwidths for aflatoxin screening;</li>
<li>design AflaGoggles using feasible method for using bandwidths;</li>
<li>develop AflaGoggles prototype; and 4) implement trials to test product.</li></ol></p>

Brown, RL
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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