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AGRISCIMONT - Fostering a Science-Based Development of a Sustainable Montenegrin Agriculture


The Biotechnical Faculty in Podgorica (BTF) is the only Montenegrin research institution focussed on agriculture. It performs a very wide range of researches in dialogue with decision-makers (partner of the Ministry of Agriculture for food control and policy drafting) and end-users (extension services). The AgriSciMont project (36 months) aims at strengthening BTF s excellence through technological, human and partnership fostering and a reorganisation around 3 interdisciplinary research areas (food and feed safety, agro biodiversity conservation and agro-analyses) to converge towards excellence on Fostering a Science-based Development of a Sustainable Montenegrin Agriculture.

The Action Plan is made of 6 WPs: Technological capacity-building; Human capacity-building and life-long learning; Mobility trainings; Excellence visibility and research strategy consolidation; Increase of visibility and Management. The AgriSciMont project is supported by different bodies and implies 5 collaborative partners. Each partner will actively participate to dissemination activities, management and mobility trainings.
Measurable results are:
new pieces of equipment;
experienced researchers hired;
scientific and support trainings lead;
subscription to scientific magazines;
two-way mobility trainings (24 researchers from BTF for 64 weeks;
14 people from partners for 15 weeks);
intensified extension services; farmers days, workshops, one international conference;
a long-term RTD strategy;
attendance to international conferences;
an open day;
a web-site, regular newsletters;
participation into the Food-Clustering initiative;
interim and final reports.
The expected impacts are an increase of scientific excellence on top EU and national priorities, an international active networking, a step towards a more integrated national and regional system, the recognition of BTF as the best agricultural research centre in Montenegro and the increase of its quality excellence, visibility in the ERA and attractiveness.

Markovic, Milan
Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica
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