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Aiding Veterans in Agriculture to Understand Food Safety - With An Emphasis On Veterans With Disabilities


The project will take existing food safety curricula and adapt it for a Veteran audience in orderto address military culture and to accommodate for the most common disabilities veterans experience. Three trainings will be delivered in-person and will be evaluated for their effectiveness. The ultimate outcome is for Veterans to have increased knowledge and long term retention of food safety practices including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The learnings from this project could benefit a wide variety of educational programs.Aim 1: Adapt food safety curricula to be sensitive to military cultureAim 2: Adapt food safety curricula to accommodate primary disability needs of VeteransAim 3: Evaluate if training adaptations were effective to aiding Veterans to learn/retain contentAim 4: Teach Veterans on food safety including FSMAAim 5: Share key learnings with eXtension Regional Center, NIFA and others

Brightwell, R.
University of Georgia
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