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Antimicrobial Surface Coating to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Produce by Pathogens on Crop Harvesting and Food Processing Equipment


Goal: Develop innovative, flexible, food grade antimicrobial coating compositions that will prevent cross contamination by pathogens via surfaces of produce harvesting and processing equipment, including legacy equimpment, and which can be easily removed and reapplied during normal sanitation processes.Objectiives:Develop and optimize coating formulationValidate chemical and physical stability of coatingsVerify antimicrobial activity of optimized coatings on equipment food contact surfacesQuantify residual antimicrobial on produce surface after contact with coatingDetermine effect of contact with coating on produce quality attributesDetermine risk reduction using coatingsDetermine bacterial inactivation ratesDetermine transfer coefficient of from contact surface to produceModel risk of cross-contamination with and without coating

Bendiks, Zachary
Chemica Technologies, Inc
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