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Application of gel imaging system to increase efficiency when determine presence of PCR amplicon of bacterial pathogens in Vet-LIRN sample analysis


Project SummaryThe Mississippi Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (MVRDL) is a full service, AAVLD accredited,all species, central reference laboratory. The molecular section personnel consists of: a section supervisor witha B.S., M.S, and Ph.D in veterinary sciences with more than six year experience in molecular biology andvirology of veterinary diagnostic laboratory, one technician with 11 years working experience in moleculardiagnostic laboratory and 12 years in medical related research experience, and one technician with more than6 years working experience in molecular diagnostic and poultry virology and over 5 years working experiencein medical research. The section analyses samples from approximately 2000 accessions per year from whichover 5000 PCR procedures (conventional PCR, real time PCR, sequencing) are completed.MVRDL is a member of the VET-LIRN, and we are one of the labs involved in the VET-LIRN antimicrobialresistance pilot project. Conventional PCR is used to verify bacteria isolates. The gel image system we have inMVRDL is more than 15 years old, and the computer with the machine is windows 2002. Therefore, themachine is almost out of service. We would like to get support to buy QIAxcel to replace our current gel imagesystem. The QIAxcel advanced automated electrophoresis system is also able to assess QC of nextgeneration sequencing libraries which would further enhance our results, and allow us to use next generationsequencing (NGS) in other projects.The proposed QIAxcel advanced automated electrophoresis system is not only to check PCR amplicons ofconventional PCR test and generated high quality gel image, but to check QC of NGS library.MVRDL has the capacity and is willing to offer its' service to increase the capacity of the VPO in handlingincreased sample workflow during emergencies. MVRDL is committed to performing these services in anefficient, accurate and timely fashion and to reporting results to the required agency.

Yan, Lifang
Mississippi State University
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